Letter of FESSAP to FISU president


The following letter was sent to FISU president Claude Gallien “to memorialize” the content of the meeting between the official representative of the Federation of School Sports Associations of the Philippines (FESSAP) and Gallien on July 2, 2013 in Kazan on the eve of the FISU General Assembly.

The letter was not just sent to Gallien but also distributed to the delegates from 166 countries and members of the FISU executive committee and other officers.

July 2, 2013
Hon. Claude L. Gallien
President, FISU

Re: In the matter of the sole representation of the Federation of School Sports Association of the Philippines (FESSAP) in the FISU

Dear Mr. Gallien,
This is to memorialize our meeting today, July 2, 2013 at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the 5th floor of Korston Hotel in Kazan, Russia. Present at the said meeting were the following: Mr. Leo Luis P. Mendoza, Mr. Robert Milton Calo, yourself and your secretary, Hedgwige Hankart.

The invitation to meet with you one day before the General Assembly on July 3, 2013 was called upon your invitation and we came to know about it while we were en-route from Hong Kong to Moscow through an SMS message we received from Mr. David Ong, President of FESSAP.

While you were gracious and benevolent in giving us your valuable time in meeting us, we were however surprised that without DUE PROCESS of law, and in total disregard of all tenets of justice and fair play, you have entertained the application of another group from the Philippines, in clear violation of FISU rule prescribing a “one-member policy.” At the very inception of the meeting, which you said you called us “… in order for us to be informed,” you immediately spelled out your plan of action. Firstly, you stated that FESSAP is the only recognized bona fide and active member of FISU but that you have asked the FISU lawyers to study the matter of the application of this other group from the Philippines, the UAAP, which is merely a small league composed of eight universities (8) in the Metro Manila area.

While you strongly insisted that FISU is not and will not be involved in the internal squabble in the sports organization of a member nation, however, you will follow the advice of your legal counsel, for FESSAP to submit a document from the CHED or Ministry of Education recognizing FESSAP as the accredited sports federation in the Philippines. (For the record, it should be pointed out here that you gave us a copy of the alleged legal advice of FISU counsel purely in French, a language which the undersigned and her group do not understand) Secondly, that at the General Assembly of FISU which is scheduled tomorrow, July 3, 2013 an amendment of the rules on membership will be considered and passed and that, according to you, you do not see a problem in obtaining a majority therein. Thirdly, that immediately after the amendment of the rules on membership, you will proceed to consider the issue of FESSAP, along with two other nations which have issues of two members vying for recognition as members of FISU but that you said that you already have a solution to the problems of Argentina and Panama.

Mr. President, with due respect, you have violated the rules as well as abated and approved a route which will affect the integrity of your administration as well as tarnish the good image and integrity of FISU by lending your active participation and leadership to a travesty of justice.

Your decision to entertain the application of UAAP while FESSAP is the only recognized and bona fide member of FISU will not only open the “pandora’s box” but will destroy time-honored rules and traditions.


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