We write in hopes of being accorded the chance to set straight some inaccurate statements that appeared in a recent column of Mr. Yen Makabenta.

    In his April 26, 2017 article titled “Lawyers, lawyers everywhere, but not enough rule of law,” Mr. Makabenta wrote: “There is much documentation on the cheating in the 2016 elections, and the nature of Smartmatic’s rigging of the vote count, and Comelec’s complicity in the fraud.”

    We would like to state that Smartmatic is in the business of counting votes as accurately and reliably as possible. It did not, has never, and will never rig the vote count for any reason.

    In fact, the random manual audit conducted by the Namfrel itself stated that the machine count and the manual count matched 99.98 percent of the time—an indicator of how accurate and fraud-free the counting had been.
    Alas, anyone can make an accusation and document it. Proving the accusation, however, is another matter. To date, no one has ever come forward with the slightest shred of evidence of fraud.

    Perhaps a stronger proof of the accuracy of the automated election system (AES) could be found in the fact that not a single electoral protest has won since the country started to use the AES in 2010. In fact, the number of electoral protests has been in steep decline since then. We’d like to think that the candidates are themselves realizing that the AES actually levels the playing field, and has made large-scale fraud a thing of the past.
    Another passage in the article read: “When the VP recount is over and done, the 2016 elections will show that the Soviet dictator was prescient. We will know that Comelec must be overhauled root and stem. And Smartmatic must never be allowed to set foot in this country again.”

    We are proud of our historic and transformative work in the Philippines. In 2010, we helped Comelec usher Philippine elections into the digital age, where accuracy, transparency, credibility have become the norm. In 2013 and 2016, voters continued to experience the wide gulf between manual and automated elections, and a recent survey of Pulse Asia showed that nearly 9 out of 10 Filipinos want future elections to be automated.
    We would be very happy to sit down with you and answer whatever questions you might have about our company and our technology.

    General Manager
    SMMT-TIM 2016, Inc.


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