Letting Go


That moment their eyes locked,
Her body went to shock,
Her head spun like a top,
And her heart beat like mad.

And when he took her hand,
Like it’s their world he held,
Why was she not incensed?
Quite loved the way it felt!

Can’t let go of his lips,
When he planted that kiss,
“I want you! “ he declared,
“I love you,” she confirmed.

“Love at first sight”, they said,
Most have lasted ‘till end,
Few months after, they wed,
And forged a life ahead.

She was north, he was south,
Poles apart; they attract,
They would fight then make up,
Never dull was their lives.

Their union made complete,
Great children and best friends,
As both careers flourished,
Their health was at their bests.

Time flew tranquil but fast,
One day they danced the waltz,
Married years, twenty-five,
Children had left, again, free at last!

Back to when they’d began
Two hearts thumping as one.
Being married they loved
Staying in love they tried.
As more months turned to years,
Their love’s flame had flickered,
When tears had thaw her cheers,
She hoped he’d calm her fears.

Never did she expect,
The day he’d beg to leave,
“Before contempt destructs
The romance we once had.”

“Who is she?” she demanded,
“There is none,” he responded,
What had happened, she asked?
“So sorry, I just fell out of love!”

“No, she pleaded. Please don’t leave,
Everything I’ve got, to you I’ll give,
After thirty years, a life without you?
Alone, how am I supposed to do?”
“There’s none to hold on to,
I feel suffocated being with you.”
Can’t you even pretend, or lie?
“No!” Thunderstruck, she couldn’t cry,

She didn’t see that coming!
Not in a million years!
Had she been so complacent?
And taken him for granted?

What God had joined together,
Let no man put asunder.
But how could she hold it together?
When he loved her no longer!

Love at first sight didn’t last,
Till the end of their lives,
The flame of love they once had,
Had flickered, died, and gone dark.



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