• Its a Lexus for the ‘Black Panther’


    “Amazing,” “exciting,” and “awe-inspiring” are three words that accurately describe Lexus’s collaboration with Marvel Studios’ upcoming movie — Black Panther. Appearing alongside Black Panther in the film is the Lexus LC, a futuristic ride fit for a super hero.

    With cutting-edge technology, aggressive styling, and unrivalled performance, the LC is the perfect complement for the king of Wakanda, the ruler of the world’s most technologically advanced kingdom.

    Black Panther’s story begins with his return home as King of Wakanda after succeeding his late father. He has to prove himself worthy of the throne and overcome various challenges along the way. Just as every Super Hero eventually rises to conquer the obstacles they face, the LC too had its own hurdles to overcome. Debuting originally as a concept car, the LC was faced with skepticism that it would never go into production. However, it was not to remain as such.

    Black Panther must always be at the top of his game, demanding only excellence from his equipment. With the LC, those exacting standards are met. Powered by a 470- bhp engine, the LC delivers a breath-taking blend of power and performance. To match the Black Panther’s reflexes, aluminium, and carbon fiber are used to reduce weight and optimize dynamic handling.

    On top of the protection that the Black Panther’s vibranium suit affords, it is also undeniably aggressive and sleek. Using cutting-edge technology, the Structural Blue pigment of the LC reflects nearly 100 percent of incoming light compared to the 50 percent by conventional blue pigments. This creates a mesmerizing new shade of blue that has never been seen anywhere else.

    It is only befitting that the leader of a kingdom as advanced as Wakanda takes to the streets in a ride known for its razor-sharp profile and enthralling performance. The LC is forged with the steadfast spirit of Japanese craftsmanship that prioritizes fine quality and impeccable elegance. Combined with advanced technology, it’s a ride that’s surely aggressive enough for the Black Panther.

    Marvel Studios’ Black Panther opened in theaters on February 14, 2018.


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