Leyte poll loser howls foul over abuses


Losing Baybay City mayoralty candidate Marilou Galenzoga breaks in tears on Thursday’s press conference as she recounted her ordeal at the hands of local city policemen who raided her home on June 30 with neither search nor arrest warrants. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

A losing mayoralty bet in Baybay City, Leyte province on Thursday appealed to the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to address the continuous abuse of her supporters in the said city.

Political neophyte Malot Galenzoga of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), who lost to re-elected Mayor Carmen Cari of Baybay City of the Liberal Party (LP) in the May 2013 elections, condemned Baybay policemen for entering her residence and arresting hundreds of her supporters on July 1, even without search and arrest warrants.

Galenzoga said she and her supporters were conducting a peaceful protest on June 30 at Baybay City hall to denounce what she claimed as illegal proclamation of Cari as winning candidate. Violence erupted when a policeman hit one of her photographers without provocation, prompting the crowd to boo at the policemen. Stone throwing ensued, injuring hundreds of her supporters and policemen.

At around 8 p.m. the same day, elements of PNP and the Army’s 78th Infantry Battalion went to the compound where Galenzoga lived and insisted that they be allowed to enter the premises, but they were refused entry because they could not present any search warrant.

The police, backed by the Army, returned at around 3 a.m. the next day but still without a search warrant. When they were denied entry again, they forced their way in this time, ramming the gates of the compound with a garbage truck,” Galenzoga said.

She then received a text message telling her to leave the premises as soon as possible. “Kinailangan naming talunin yung mataas na pader, tapos magtago sa putik for five hours. Eleven kami. Sabi samin kailangan naming makaalis ng Leyte as soon as possible [We had to jump over a high fence and hide in deep mud for five hours. There were eleven of us. We were told to leave Leyte as soon as possible].”

Galenzoga wanted to ask anyone to help her, but she couldn’t because the policemen took away her phone. One of her friends rented a van for them to use to escape to the nearest port, where they bought tickets to board a ship to Manila. She had to leave her supporters, hundreds of them arrested and jailed without warrant.

Galenzoga claims Cari committed political fraud. She said Cari cheated so she could continue the 32-year-old Loreto-Cari dynasty in the area. But the latter vehemently denies such claims, saying that she won by more than 15,000 votes.

Galenzoga said her group’s electoral protest was ignored because the Caris hold so much power in Leyte that no one wanted to oppose them. She said even lawyers in the area were too scared to offer them assistance against the Caris.


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  1. MARILOU “MALOT” V. GALENZOGA – May pa iyak-iyak pa oh…drama talaga…. ito po yung babaeng nang loko sa negosyanteng intsik na si Roberto Magallanes ng Quezon City sa pamamagitan ng pag bebenta ng Pekeng Titulo ng lupa…. Criminal Case No. Q-05-13675, RTC Branch 105 ng Quezon City. Nahuli pa nga yan ng NBI through entrapment operation sa loob ng bakeshop sa Timog Avenue.

    Ito din po ang babaeng nanloko sa negosyanteng intsik na si Charlie Ang ng Pasay City sa pamamagitan rin ng pag bebenta ng Pekeng Titulo ng Lupa… Criminal Case No. R-PSY-10-10-02180-CR, RTC Branch 111 ng Pasay City. Ongoing pa po ngayon ang kaso.

    Aside from sa daming kaso ng Estafa, Bouncing Check at Swindling ng babaeng ito at ng pamilya nya…

    May gana pang tumakbo ng Mayor…. ano ba yan…. at nang natalo….. ganon pa rin… gumawa ng pekeng Certificate of Canvass (COC) at niloko ang mga supporters nya na sya daw ang nanalo at uupong bagong mayor…. then, on that VIOLENT RALLY, she proclaims hereself as the new city mayor…. nakakaloka no! parang wala sa tamang __________? out of this world…

  2. On that rally…. she proclaims hereself as the New City Mayor of Baybay, base sa ginawa nyang peke na COC na sya daw ang nanalo… pwede ba yun? Ang Comelec ang tanging ahensya na may authority to proclaim the winning candidate… and the Comelec has denounce her fake COC… but she still insisted… and incite here supporters for that violent rally injuring police and other authorities, destructing government buildings and properties to include government vehicles and police cars…

  3. Wag po kayong MAGPAPALOKO sa babaeng yan… Queen of Lies, Swindling and Estafa ang babaeng yan… ang daming kaso, pati pamilya niya (family business)… pinag loloko lang nya ang mga tao at gumagawa lang yan ng gulo…. Karamihan ng mga tao ay tinuturing na yan na baliw… dapat magpa admit na yan sa mental…

    Umiiyak yan dahil hindi niya naloko ang mga baybayanon… hindi siya nag tagumpay sa kanyang kahibangan..

  4. Ano ba yang ‘Losing’ word. The Cari line-up cheated the Baybayanons. Don’t be bias with your words. Malot has won over Baybay. If you truly researched, the people in Baybay protested because we believe there is an illegal proclaimation. As what I have heard in Diyos at Bayan in GMA 7, correct me if I were wrong, you cannot proclaim if the results are not enough. They don’t even have a proof that they’ve won. The Team Malot has made a great awakening over Baybay. The majority of the Baybayanons chose Malot and her team as the new Officials. Expect for reactions because Malot Galenzoga is not a loser.

    • You cannot proclaim if the results are not enough… yes indeed… and the comelec says 100 percent of the clustered precincts have been counted prior to the proclamation of the winning candidates as recorded in the minutes of the canvassing…. while you losers and liers says otherwise… inciting others to believe your fake COC and proclaiming oneself as the Winning City Mayor???? what a big joke….. a shame for the baybayanos…

  5. Danilo Catorce on

    Ang mga pangyayari ngayon sa Baybay City ay dapat bigyan ng masusing imbestigasyon ng Justice Department or the lower and upper house of congress bago lumala ang lahat. Ang dinastiya ng mga Cari ay puro pag mamalabis sa kapangyartihan lalo na nitong nakaraang election,pansinin nyo naman!

  6. Concern Citizen on

    The National COMELEC and the National Government should really take a close look on what is happening to Baybay. Hindi lang dapat ampaw na investigation. And correction lang po, Manila times. I really think you should be careful of using “loser” because your write up is just a tip of the ice berg, unless of course you are bias like ABS-CBN.

    • Manila times did only their research… to inquire the respective agency, the Comelec in this regard the truth of the matter… base on official results and not by mere speculations much more on FAKE COC made for their personal and out of this world agenda…. kahibangan…