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  1. DelfinTodcor on

    God loves the LGTBs because He send Jesus to save all the sinners who repents (John 3:3-16;17:2-3) but Jesus does not condone their perverted sinful behaviors and perverted immoral sexual orientation!Why? That is How Satan wants to destroy the souls of those captives through homosexual demonic spirits! Let me expose the LGTB’s hidden destructive agenda! The leftist homosexuals were indoctrinated to talk openly about being a human right victims by Christians and moral crusaders!The purpose is to create an image of the homosexuals as victims and to portray anyone who refuses to accept homosexuals on their own terms as bigots and homophobes just like what they did to Manny Pacquiao! What the media should realize is that the LGTBs look at our children as their property. They believed that they are justified in changing the thoughts and habits of children by forcing them to deal w/ complex social,sexual,and moral issues that in most casesare years beyond their grasp. The objective is to make children sympathize w/ the homosexuals agenda and to become defenders of homosexuals rights. This is the reason they are very aggressive training homosexual journalist and tv host like vice ganda and tv shows like eat bulaga!!! The goal is to take adantage of the naivete and innocence of kids,who at young age are not certain what they feel about sexuality or their sexual identity.Therefore kids are ushered into lifestyle which is experimenting w/ homosexual mannerisms believing that homosexuality is another way of lifestyle and discovery of another identity!This is the objective of the LGTBs and their affiliate organization like GLSTN strongly lobbying the in the UNICEF to influence the UN officials to be sympathetic to their so-called human rights! They want us to tolerate their perverted immoral lifestyle> But tolerance for evil is insidious and potentially deadly due to HIV & AIDS infections as well as eternal death for the soul of the LGTB victims!That’s why our Judeo-Christian tradition forbids homosexuality and warns that those who trespass against God’s creative order are threading in a dangerous path to hell for eternal damnation!Individuals who scorn or scoff on the Biblical warnings will only bring condemnation upon himself and their family. The nations that condone or endorse sexual sins are condemned! Romans 1:18-32, Leviticus 18:22. The Homosexual activists have made it clear since the early 1970’s that they havea plan to overhaul the straight Christian values and imposed their own brand of perverted morality upon the nations!Therefore the LGTBs wants to control government and push bills that are supportive of the LGTBs visions like taking over the educational system! The promotion of so-called anti-discrimination bill in congress by communist activist Bayan Muna Party-List Neri Colmenares! Also Senator Vicente Sotto whose brother Tito Sotto had turned their Eat Bulaga a GAY noon time show! That type of promoting by making Homosexual behavioural act is very dangerous to the mind formation of the kids watching! It must be stop!Even if they do it for profit of GMA 7 and themselves it will not be enough to buy their way to heaven! Matthew 16:26New King James Version (NKJV)

    26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? God please have mercy on our Nation. Save us from own judgement as you did in Sodom and Gomorrah cities which you burned w/ fire storm from heaven! (Genesis19)