• Libya PM resigns live on TV hours after peace talks restart


    TRIPOLI: The prime minister of Libya’s internationally recognized government, Abdullah al-Thani, announced his resignation in a surprise move live on television Tuesday, hours after fraught peace talks between the country’s rival factions restarted. During the talk show Prime Minister Al-Thani faced a barrage of angry questions from citizens who blamed his government for the lack of basic services such as electricity and poor security in areas it controls. “If my exit is the solution, then I announce it here,” al-Thani said during the talk show, adding “my resignation will be submitted to the parliament on Sunday.” The prime minister was also hit with accusations of corruption against his government in the television interview Tuesday. Libya, which plunged into chaos after the fall of Moamer Kadhafi in 2011, currently has two rival parliaments vying for power as well several militia groups battling for control of the country’s vast resource wealth.



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