• Lick poverty by improving agricultural sector–Binay


    A BINAY administration will focus on improving the agricultural sector in order to provide jobs and ad-dress widespread poverty, especially in rural areas.

    Toward that end, Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday said his administration will concentrate on generating jobs in the 15 provinces with the most number of poor families, especially those with pov-erty incidence greater than 50 percent: Lanao del Sur (67.3 percent), Eastern Samar (55.4 percent), Apayao 54.7 (percent) and Maguindanao (54.5 percent).

    The figures are from the National Anti-Poverty Commission’s 2012 Poverty Estimates.

    The Vice President reiterated his emphasis on agriculture after the release of a National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) report that shows the agricultural sector only grew by 1.6 percent from 2011 to 2015.

    “Economic growth is meaningless unless it provides jobs for our people, especially in the rural areas,” he said.

    The agriculture sector’s growth during the Aquino administration is second to the last in ranking among past five Presidents.

    “The agricultural sector had a very imperceptible growth last year at 0.2 percent. Agriculture, despite being the dominant sector, is the least productive under the administration,” Binay said.

    He noted the need to revitalize agriculture and said his administration will strive to create a business environment that will attract investors in agriculture to generate more jobs.

    According to Binay, his administration will create economic zones in key agricultural provinces, and train farmers to shift from subsistence farming to agribusiness.

    He noted that the October 2015 Labor Force Survey released by the Philippine Statistics Authority showed the Ilocos Region and Calabarzon with unemployment rates higher than the national average of 5.6 percent, at 8.5 percent and 7.8 percent, respectively.

    Binay reiterated that competence and compassion in a leader are keys to fighting poverty and achiev-ing inclusive growth.

    “My experience [as a former mayor of]Makati [City] has strengthened my conviction that poverty can be reduced, and real inclusive growth is attainable under a capable and experienced manager and ad-ministrator who understands the poor and can craft the right social and economic policies and can im-plement these policies,” he said.

    “The stagnation of the agriculture sector and the Aquino administration’s continued neglect of this vi-tal sector is a serious cause for concern,” the Vice President added.


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    1. Ang sanhi nang paghihirap nang mga Pilipino ay hindi malulunasan nang agricultura lamang. Malulunasan ang kahirapan na mga Pilipino kong ang mga politicong kawatan ma alis na sa kanilang puesto. NAKAWAN NANG PERA NANG TAONG BAYAN.Kailangan isaoli na ni VP Binay ang !! billion pesos na kinuha niya sa taong bayan. Pag nasaoli na medyo maka ginhawa ang mga mahirap na Pinoy.

    2. 11 billion pesos is a lot to help farmers and more than what agriculture can use. Filipinos wake up! Tulungan niyo malaman ng mga kababayan sa probinsiya ang tungkol sa nawawalang pera ng Pork Barrel at overspending sa Makati

    3. Totally agree , The Philippines is rich with its natural resources . We should boost the agricultural industry since farmers are abundant but need support and training and investors.
      We should be growing our own rice , a staple food of the country . Continue to Plant coffee ,sugar ,coconut . This can minimize poverty and hunger .
      This Nation can be great ,if we can sustain our own food supply .

      • That is your fantasy. Graft & CORRUPTION is the main causes of poverty. As long as people vote for corrupt government officials, poverty can not be eradicated.

    4. If Binay wins, he will only last 6 months. During the first 6 months, there will be COUPS and civil disobedience for the Filipino people wont forget the unexplained billion of pesos he stole from the government. As the Church says, “Huwag kang magnakaw”.

      This will soon be deleted for MT does not want to publish any negative comments against Binay. Manila Times is under the payroll of Binay ( or Binay owns Manaila Times). Don’t you notice that Binay appears in the Manila Times everyday.

      • Mr. Mano, ask ko lang sayo may mga ibedensya kaba na pwede ipakita sa tao na ginawa nga ni Mr. Binay yung mga sinasabi mo? Kung ang isasagot mo sakin ay yung mga pinagsasabi lang ni mercado at bondal sa senado ay hindi ako maniniwala syo. Kasi sila mismo wala silang ibedensya na ipinakikita at puro lang sila salita. Sana naman po mag isip muna kayo at gamitan ninyo ng katwiran ang mga sinasabi ninyo, Salamat po.

      • Wrong. Sinasabi mo lang yan dahil may nais kang. Manila Times was the best newspaper before and tomorrow.