Lies and Leni



THE punishment for pretending you are someone you are not, hoping that wealth and power can cover up for your inadequacy, is always a steep fall from an undeserved pedestal.

No amount of support from Loida Nicolas Lewis can turn Leni Gerona Robredo into a statesperson that she could not become. Everytime Robredo speaks there is an inauthenticity that is revealed, one that cannot be hidden even by high-paid PR work nor by aggressive social media operations.

One could not even claim that those who voted for her during the 2016 elections were swayed by sympathy for this widow of Jesse Robredo who was packaged as another Cory Aquino. In fact, it is safe to say that her alleged victory, which remains contested due to its mathematical improbabilities, is a product not of a sympathy vote, but simply of machine politics. She benefited from ballots in ARMM in the same way that traditional political warlords won there—through an obvious deployment of blind obedience to a command. And not even because of religious obligation such as the bloc votes of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, but due to “zero-your-enemy” tactics that have symbolized the raw power of dynastic secular political structures.

And yet she claims that she is a shining opposite of what the Marcoses represent– saintly like Cory to the evil of Marcos the father, as she is to the son.

This is the burden that we have to bear for the politics that engendered Leni Robredo, as it is the same as that which inflicted on us the two Aquinos. They were all based on images that have been produced by social, political and intellectual elites who felt so entitled, of people who behaved as if they had a franchise to our history.

These elites simplified the complex narratives that populated the martial law period as simply between good and evil. And the hold of these dualistic representations on our social and political imaginations has approached near-hegemonic levels. What enabled this was the fact that those who were victimized by martial law became inhabitants of domains that were responsible for the production and reproduction of knowledge and representations. Political detainees became professors, writers, journalists, artists and public intellectuals.

It is this that made it possible for Corazon Aquino to be venerated until today as a saintly apparition who brought democracy. Just circulating recently are pictures of t-shirts printed with such an acclamation.

It is also this that made it possible for her average, unextraordinary, sophomoric son to become President.
And it is this that made it possible to paint the Marcoses as one-dimensional evil.

And it is along the same logic that Leni Robredo has been inflicted on us.

Our social imaginations are so vulnerable to hero worship that it is easy to exploit this to manufacture images. Jesse Robredo has been edified as the best that the Bicolanos could offer to nation-building. His untimely death was used as the political capital to turn his wife into a political star for which she has no gravitas.

#LeniLeaks has revealed so many things, but one of the most significant is that it enabled people to see the lies and the cover-ups. Indeed, the e-mail exchanges do not in any way provide a strong case for sedition. But the exposure led to the unraveling not only of Loida Nicolas Lewis but also of Leni Robredo.

Loida Nicolas Lewis has been undressed as a puppet-master. Her justification for her interventionism revealed her naked attempt to misrepresent OFWs by claiming she is like them. OFWs are not rich, not dual citizens and not in positions to orchestrate mass demonstrations against a sitting president. In fact, they voted overwhelmingly for the President and for Bongbong Marcos.

For her part, Leni Robredo was further exposed. In trying to deny her involvement in the controversy, she unmasked herself as one who appears not to have any control over her own social media people who were revealed to have been using her office to attack private citizens. She tries to escape association with Loida by making us believe that she has not talked to her, more so met with her, since June, even as they were in the US for the same conference in August 2016. In trying to make us believe she is untainted, she projects herself as an ingrate for not even calling to thank Loida for her support.

We thought that Leni Robredo’s political career has been damaged with her absence during Typhoon Nina, only to realize that her political grave was already dug by YahooGroups.

To think that even without Typhoon Nina and #LeniLeaks she was already on her way down in the surveys, despite her appeal to sympathy by painting herself as a victim of executive bullying, and by riding on the outrage over the Marcos burial.

She was disinvited to a Malacañang gathering. She tried hard to appear a victim but more people were outraged by her attempt to make it an issue and not at the Palace for the snub.

Leni Robredo has become an image of inauthenticity.

The lies that she tells and that are being told about her eventually diminished her.


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  1. She will never gain my trust nor my confidence.she ,s trying to protect people who in the first pkace was the one responsible for her husband death.she ,s a puppet of the yellow who until now cannot accept they are no lobger in control i wish the safety of our president ,he may be harsh but he is sensitive to the need of many.i wish the issue with the vote that should be for bongbong will be resolve.mrs robredo should not be trusted in any position in the office.let her pipularity shrunk like her political party.

  2. “try to escape association with Loida by MAKING US BELIEVE that she has not talked to her” You are evil Mr. Contreras daing supog kang hayop ka apti mga kamaganak mo sa naga. You want to suggest Leni did talk to Loida Lewis but what is your proof she did that. Shame on you, nakakahiya kang professor ng La Salle with all the lies you are spreading about Leni.

  3. The only thing that is authentic in her is she bearing the name Robredo being the legal wife of the good man Robredo but apart from that almost everything in her is fake. Geez i really discern people of such fake smiles, ngiting aso in filipino. Actually even prior to lenileaks if you are a person who analyzes people you could clearly see she is but a puppet to oligarchs slash yellow zombies who wants to regain status quo. Such a shame in her late husband’s good name.

  4. Leni has no ambition to become a VP.If Grace Poe accept as VP with Mar, no Leni at all.
    Maybe she still serve as congresswoman in her district.

    I think there is no reason she invloved cheating in last election

  5. 2 impt lines in this piece worth repeating

    “They were all based on images that have been produced by social, political and intellectual elites who felt so entitled, of people who behaved as if they had a franchise to our history.”

    “Political detainees became professors, writers, journalists, artists and public intellectuals.”

  6. Why are supporters of Du30 so afraid of Leni that you are still on her up to now. Are you afraid or losing confidence so that you have to bring her down. Cowards are you. .

    • No we are tired of listening to her bullshits. Everytime she speaks she proves that she is really dumb and is getting more and d more annoying each time .

    • Who’s afraid? your VP who wants her post badly to replace the President? I only see the President ready to die to serve his country.. who is the cowards now?

    • nobody is afraid of leni. Leni is a self ticking bomb? or is she exploding over and over. Sorry but shes but a byuda who is not used to working and working hard. She lacks sincerity and her fake facade is now made public by she herself

    • We are not afraid of Leni Robredo and her group.

      We don’t like liars in government specially when her position is in question.

    • Charles Rivera on

      Leni does not need Dutertards to bring her down. She does a wonderful job doing it herself. It is my belief that she is merely a spokesperson, a puppet if you will, of the rich owners of the Philippines. It is they who are deeply concerned about losing their power grip over ordinary citizens.

  7. cristita Rendora on

    Just would like to remind Leni: Respect is earned and given, not asked. Do you respect the President Leni? If not, then stop begging for respect!

    • Yeah, and Bong bong the vice president.If you can fake you,re resume, What else can you fake.
      Ok lang naman sa Pinas ang undergraduate eh. Be careful of waht you wish.

  8. as they say panapanahon lang or weather weather lang. popular pa ngayon si dudirty gawa ng marami pa ang naniniwala sa kanya. pero dadating din ang panahon na mabibisto rin ang kahinaan ni dudirty, ang mga maraming kasinungalingan at pagmamayabang niya. Maraming pangako na di matutupad at magigising ang sambayanan at itatakwil ang masamang presidenteng ito.

    • Leni is the topic. Instead of waiting for Duterte to fall, offer your help instead and be a productive citizen. You are exactly what a crab is Tulfo tumbong

    • Really? mabibisto kahinaan? e noon pa lang kampaniya andami nang “ibinisto” kuno ng mga kaalyado mong dilaw, e ano pa yang pinagsasasabi mong mabibisto kunong kahinaan? alam na noon pa ng mga bumoto sa kanya ang kahinaan ni PDU30 pero tanggap siya ng taumbayan at hanggang ngayon nga desperado na kayong mga dilawan pabagsakin ang Pangulo at iupo ang tindera ng lugaw ng kaipokritohan pero wala na talagang naniniwala at sawang sawa na ang mga tao sa inyo. At huwag kang husgador para sabihing maraming pangako ang di matutupad ang Presidente at tatawagin mo pang masama. Di hamak na proven na ang masama ay yang si presidente abnoy mo.

    • tsk… tsk.. tsk… matagal nang bistado si duterte.. yung mayor palang siya… at tumakbong presidente… foul mouthed… mamatay tao… immoral… babaero… and blah blah… di ba kinalkal nyo nang hustong pagkatao ni duterte… below the belt pa nga ginagawa nyo eh… pero di nagbago paningin ng tao sa kanya… kasi totoong tao siya… di katulad ng lenilugaw na ubod ng ka epokritahan at kaplastikan.. reyna ng orocan… tanggapin na lang natin… di pwedeng magsama or magkatrabaho ang magling na leader with the incompetent one… mas lalong nalalantad yung katangahan ni leni… sorry na lang kayo… di si mar roxas nanalo ng presidente… pareho silang incompetent di sana ma unmasked si leni…

    • Mali! Ito at sa darating png panahon, kyo ng mga katulad mo ang magbabago ng paniwala, na sana ngyong palang sumama ka na sa pgbabago. Dahil baka mahuli na ang lahat at maiwan ka ng pgbabago na nangyayari na ngyon.

    • Gumising ka na tsong. Iba na ang panahon ngayon. Yang weather weather na yan just happened when PDigong replaced your boss PNoy. And surely, itinakwil si Pinoy ng mga tao dahil isa siyang masamang presidente. 6 na buwan pa lang tsong. Maraming pagbabagong nangyari. 6 na taon sa panahon ng boss niyo, walang nangyari. Presidente namin siya. Presidente mo na rin. Makibagay ka na lang ant tumulong. Tama na ang sour grapings at pambabatikos. Walang buting idudulot yan.

    • Ulol! Marami ang nagagawa no Digong kaya mahal Sy’s ng bayan. Di tulad ng mga kultong dilaw na mga aliados
      mong mga MAGNANAKAW!!! Tumahimik ka Gago.

  9. What intellectual elites? maybe cheap spinners using inaccurate , inaccessible terms/vocabulary to impress the equally stupid – ever heard the dunning -kruger effect? -that is what we are pilipinos.

  10. Thank you, professor, for a very good piece. This is an editorial worthy to be published in a broadsheet, unfortunately, our media is biased against the president.They would rather feature the whining of a non-performing asset (NPA).

  11. Leni Robredo is as phony as Mar Roxas posing as a ‘kargador’. Or as Leni herself posing along EDSA as if she were about to embark on a bus. Leni is all plastic. And, despite the post-mortem attempts to glorify her husband, the fact remains that Jesse Robredo was ignored and unappreciated by PNoy in favor of chums like Rico Puno and Gen. Purisima. As a matter fact, Leni herself admitted that Jesse was on the verge of resigning as DILG Secretary when he died.

  12. Doc, Well said! If I may add, blamed it to the spin doctors, civic organizers, image-makers, and people at the top (the misguided elites) who exploit the people’s vulnerability to heroes worship (as you said). These are destructive combinations if not fatal. And to counter is for the “intellectuals”, the “B” sector (hate the classification) of society to assert their position. But they are the one that lacks maturity to bridge the gap. They are the one who align themselves to the elite to exploit bigger sector (all sectors) of society. Look on those, students from Ateneo, Lasalle, UP, etc who became the puppet. It is upon us, the Filipinos to be assertive, participative in the right way. My last concern or question as you may allowed me. How can Filipinos get out of these character frailties? Since we got the so called independence, we Filipinos think like a “pendulum”. Our imaginations and sentiments is as diverse as the 7,107 islands. There are advantages but those are oftentimes cancelled out. Thank you for observation.

  13. WE do not know how VP Leni Robredo became a lawyer. When she started her political career, no information came out what ability and capability she has and what she knows. If she is a lawyer for all we know she is just a lawyer who notarizes documents, nothing else. What people know is that she is the wife of Jesse Robredo, a good man, a good government servant. Leni Robredo was a nobody before Jesse Robredo was assassinated by whom, we do not know.

    • Please research about what Leni Robredo was doing before she became VP rather than merely guessing and surmising as this is the intelligent thing to do.

  14. At lagi siyang nakangiting-aso kahit emote ang statement just like the Luneta Massacre, nakangisi silang lahat. Who will beieve them as credible people?

  15. shes a certified Yellow muppet and puppet devoid of any leadership abilities.She belongs to the dogs of hacienda Luisita. Shes a fake and machine installed VP.Only the Yellow dogs believe she won. The PET will decide BBMs protest till kingdom time or wait when BBM files his candidacy again in 2019…..and guess what….mooted…..same banana…same garbage in garbage out.

  16. Let me echo one of your points……Why would leni want her office to be respected even if she shows no respect for the Office of the President? Isn’t this labeled “selfishness?”
    But why would she so desire to socialize at the Palace even if she is no longer needed there for official matters? Mahina pang-getz niya, di ba? Mabuti pa, mag-artista na lang siya. Di niya kailangang umarte…..natural sa kanya ang umarte kasi.
    When the PET and Supreme Court announces soon enough that BBM is the voted VP, leni can shift career.

  17. I like her playing as a die hard oppositionist and being critical to the government but if you accept an offer coming from the president to be one of his cabinets, considering their differences, that is already something to realize and be thankful for and to reciprocate this gesture, you must also in line with the presidents policies because if not, you are like in a bangka paddling to the opposite direction as everyone is doing otherwise. Awkward diba! Buti n lng nag resign! She was uninvited and now asking respect for her position, with the lenileaks, does she think the president feels he is being respected too? if she is committed to unity and nation building, she should apologize to the president and strongly deny that she is not part of it. L

  18. Right you are Tony! The P500.00 counterfeit which the yellows produced and were grooming to become a P1,000.00 counterfeit has been unmasked again and again – as nothing more than a counterfeit! Thank you.

  19. I believe that VP Leni is an honest credible and capable leader exactly the opposite of what you picture her to be.

    • Wake up you…!!! If SHE IS HONEST AND CREDIBLE , She won’t fly and dance with the bunch of thieves nor her name be associated with the ABNOY KKK GANG.
      EITHER SHE IS ALSO EXTRA RETARD THAT SHE DON’t know , nor feel what her yellow allies have done to the country.

    • If Leni was what you say she would of spoken out against all the corruption in the Aquino administration but instead she became one of them and tried to help get Roxas elected as president.

      Mar Roxas who as everyone knows did nothing but ruin every agency he headed.

      Ever hear Leni speaking out against the liberal party corruption ?
      How about the pork barrel thieves in her party ?

      Leni traded any credibility she had for Aquino’s backing for her VP run.

    • Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      One is entitled to his/her opinion. What matter is the TRUTH which in this particular case is about Leni and how she is allowing herself to be used by P-Noy and company for their comeback ambition. Leni should be on her own and attending to priorities. While being VP a pulse away from the presidency and while doing nothing, she should try her best to solve what to many is a mystery- how her husband died? She should give justice to her husband death because without his name she could not be where she is a ROBREDO. She should not be blinded by the accolades given her husband by P-Noy and Co. rather find out the truth and let the axe fall while she has the time. God bless the Philippines.

  20. Pinocchio shows guilt each time he lies and way better compare to Lenigaw …. to make a comment short ” Can we find a smart puppet? and also Lenigaw needs to change her career not a politician, but being an actress… she executes acting well,

  21. I for one am greatly amused by the pork barrel thieves still in the senate while they pretend to be honorable.

    20 senators were on the Napoles list
    40 past and present senators on the COA list

    Only 3 opposition senators charged with plunder and/or graft.

    Why are they untouchable ? They are responsible for billions given to fake NGO’s.
    Why were Liberal Party senators and house rep’s not charged and allowed to keep the kickbacks ? Was it due to ex president Aquino shielding them via De Lima ?

  22. Greetings Dr. Contreras,

    It is not as simple as it looks. In the real world it is more complex and the dividing line between “colors” are blurred by family interests. Read this article ( and you will conclude one major problem we have is political patronage brought about by dominant political dynasties.

    It is not difficult to understand that political families and dynasties define Philippine politics. Their desires to hold on power/influence are magnified, complicated by disruptive interest groups and behind the scenes mercenaries masquerading as righteous warriors.

    So, let us (the people) not be fooled by the ongoing rumblings – part of the dynasties are playing one card, the other half, the other card – in either way they (political dynasties) win. And you know what – the people lose. They hold the strings — until Pdu30 and VP Leni, both from outside Imperial Manila, were duly elected and the elite is now scrambling to re-position itself.

    The elite, as you term and label it, is not just the “yellow” – they’re all over the place. Hindi ba lumipat o coalesced na ang maraming LP with PDP-Laban? Ask yourself where will one expect the political energies come from – a depleted LP or the properly manned PDP_Laban? The answer is obvious.

    Read the blog and you’ll see how family fortunes are intertwined. Bongbong is married to an Araneta, a relative of Mar Roxas – identified with the “yellow crowd”, Not to mention Liza Araneta and Paquito Ochoa, PNoys executive secretary, came from the same law firm.

    Leni Robredo is no where in the list and to conclude she is part of it is entirely false. It is a stretch of one’s imagination.

    On the contrary, it is BBM or the Marcoses that are part of the dynasties. He even mentioned he has friends in the Liberal Party. I don’t doubt his word. This confirms, he has shades of “yellow”.

    So is it surprising to find “yellow” vestiges in BBM’s campaign strategy. A hint: who had comics distributed during the campaign? Answer: BBM and Mar.

    I have even heard that during the campaign some of BBMs debate speeches were written by “yellow” writers –so it did not capture the essence of who he is and what he wanted to convey — simply na “chopsuy” (half baked). 

    It was also clear the Marcos kids tried to keep Imelda away from the campaign  — i.e. her network was not properly tapped. The FM/IRM loyal old timers were ready but were marginalized — if not ignored. They learned the price of loyalty the hard way. It was a serious mistake.

    Lastly, the claim na dinaya comes only from losers. It is what losers normally say – after losing an election.

    BBM is not a novice to Philippine elections. He is a seasoned politician and knew what to expect. His campaign team should have prepared for any contingency — it was required of them. For Pete’s sake, it was the fight of his life. No excuses. Nothing should have been left to chance. He was leading the surveys all throughout the campaign — until his messaging stalled, lost steam and became stale. 

    He was caught flat footed and lost in a photo finish. 

    Mind you, ang siguradong kikita lang sa recount ay abogado at media handlers. They’re paid – win or lose. The cost of renting the PCOS machine alone will be P2 Billion. It does not make business sense to spend that amount of money for a recount without any “guarantees”.

    As a consolation for BBM, Hillary Clinton suffered the same fate — of being over confident. Such is life . Let’s move on.

    Finally, unlike you I am not here to pass judgment on you article ( i.e. if it is propaganda, poor analysis or simply a lie to acquire media mileage). I’ll let your readers do that.

    But certainly, I find it unscholarly. Salamat.

  23. In the first place, Leni and her fellow sanctimonious yellow hypocrites did not respect the sacredness of the people’s right of suffrage by stealing their way to the office of the Vice President, like a thief in the night. Aling Leni does not deserve the office any second longer. She must leave some sense of respect to herself if only to preserve whatever honor left in her person. By leaving that office voluntarily, she will make a lot of people happy. And by so doing this, who knows, something good may yet happen to her in the future, like being elected as a barangay captain or tanod perhaps- that will be a good start considering what had been unraveled of her.

  24. Mr. Antonio Contreras I totally agree with you….VP Robredo as being package by the yellow dogs has no political
    authenticity. The grit, the smile seems to be fake whenever she open her mouth in front of the camera.
    Winnie Monsod of Unang Hirit, Channel 7 , has boldly diagnosed the President of having mental disorder weeks
    ago on how the latter uses his way in answering the media. Perhaps Monsod the old yellow dog, is a part of the conspiracy to destroy the President and undermine the Presidency itself.

  25. maximo p .Fabella on

    LENY Robredo is one politician not yet touched by graft and corruption. Taisin g 3 daughters , watching nthem group up.Educaalole. Watching go to school, socialiing. The paarenfal duitieocilize. Other paarental duties. Or should having children ansexcuses.

    It takes a srong Woman to do that. GOOD LUCK LENY.. do not rely to Loida Lewis. She has herf ownp;;problems., Loida is able to HELP others, A school in Sorsoogon, with less TUITON.

    There many who receive help from Loida, silently. I met Lolida in one ONE UP. reunions.. He sat close tol
    us at the back. She introduced herself with a simple, “MY NAME IS LOIDA” Evrerebody KNOWS YOU KNOWS YOU..we left it like that.

    • @Maximo
      I have a headache comprehending your comment and on what you want to say but please if you can’t do that grammatically correct ….. TRANSLATE IT IN TAGALOG AS OTHERS MAY UNDERSTAND …

  26. Good job Sir and we know Bongbong Marcos win in the election. We are hoping he will win in the protest. , thanks God DU30 win a big margin.

  27. These so-called victims of Martial Law were the same pack of subversives who accused Marcos of bombing Plaza Miranda which caused the strongman to become the most hated man in the country overnight. But strangely today, forty years after that most ignominious crime of the century, these wild-eyed jerks who love to remind the world what an evil monster Marcos was never mention that bombing anymore. Why? Obviously because they now know who really bombed Plaza Miranda, and if they mention his name it will bring about the collapse of their entire false narrative that is the only thing that is keeping their “cause” alive. The entire yellow forces as symbolized by Cory and Ninoy need Marcos to stand on and they know that a vindication of this great man will sweep them into the dustbin of history. This is the real reason why they hold such a mortal fear (manifested as absolute hate) of the man even if he has been dead for almost 30 years. So just ask the clerico-fascist puppet Mrs. Robredo and her puppet masters in the oligarchy who really bombed Plaza Miranda and watch these hypocrites drown in their own incoherence. Plaza Miranda is their Achilles Heel, and pounding on it constantly will send their franchise to our history go down the drain where it belongs. By the way, will somebody please show this excellent article to Rene Saguisag?

  28. Mr. Contreras, please stop your hate filled rhetoric, and write articles on how the President can help to improve the lives of Filipinos. So much needs to be done to create employment, develop the economy, eradicate or at least minimise corruption, improve government institutions and reduce poverty. Your expertise and experience could be better harnessed to write on these issues. Thank you.

    • Thank you Gerard for your comment. If Antonio Contreras truly believes in the capacity of the president he voted for, he shouldn’t feel threatened by VP Robredo. Publish articles that build up and inspire people.

  29. Mr. Contreras, you wrote, “She tries to escape association with Loida by making us believe that she has not talked to her, more so met with her, since June, even as they were in the US for the same conference in August 2016.” Does this mean that VP Robredo’s previous statement re: her last conversation with Ms. Lewis was while she was running as a congresswoman, all but lies? And the conference you were referring to in your article, was it the same National Federation of Filipino American Association where VP Robredo was introduced by Ms. Lewis as their honorary guest? If it is, then your article is right on track. But, why hide this truth, if it has nothing to do with #LeniLeaks?