Lies, damned lies and Grace Poe Llamanzares


The original phrase reads, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Initially attributed to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), it was later quoted by Mark Twain, Walter Bagehot, Arthur James Balfour, Henry Du Pre Labouchere, Jervoise Athelstane Baines, Leonard Courtney, Winston Churchill, among other famous personalities. It recently appeared as the epigraph of an article written by Gil Ramos, Ph. D., a Filipino data scientist living in the US West Coast, who raised serious questions about the credibility of the two polling firms in the Philippines, Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations. It slammed the use of “surveys” for propaganda purposes, specifically to manufacture rather than measure public opinion in favor or against certain political personalities.

I have called these surveys a blunt instrument for the idiotization of the Filipino masses, notably the voters. They are routinely inflicted on the ignorant and the gullible, and even on the not-so-ignorant and yet so gullible, with the obscene collaboration of the complicit and superficial media and other tools of mass deception and mass hypnosis. Recent and ongoing developments have reconfirmed and reinforced this analysis, thereby aggravating the nation’s increasing moral and political blindness.

I have a healthy respect for honest, professional polling. But not for “push polls” and manufactured surveys that stink. In a while, we shall talk a little more about these. But just as no self-respecting entrepreneur would invest money in a new product without first ascertaining whether or not there is a market for it, no self-respecting politician would announce his bid for any office without first ascertaining whether any portion of the public is aware of him and his intrinsic merits. This is where market research or honest and scientific polling has its uses. I myself have availed of it.

In 1978, I was on my ninth year as the youngest person in the Marcos Cabinet, and the President asked me to run for the Batasang Pambansa. Then, as now, I did not see myself as a politician, so I tried to beg off. I didn’t slap people’s backs, nor tell green jokes, nor laugh at jokes that weren’t funny, I told the President, so I would be the wrong person for it. But it was the first election of the New Society, he said, (martial law did away with elections in 1972), and I was “the spokesman of the New Society,” so I had to run. It was not a request, but a command, so I had to submit.

As it was to be a regional election, my problem was, although I knew I was a Bicolano, the Bicolanos did not know who I was. So I had to go down to Bicol to make myself known to the Bicolanos. After a month or so, I ran a survey to find out whether I was registering, not as a potential candidate in an election that was yet to be announced, but simply as a Bicolano. The result was positive, and I used it to help me decide whether or not to run, but not to advertise myself as a potential candidate.

This is not what’s happening right now.

Rich and ambitious non-entities pay off the entrepreneurial pollsters to put them on the list of those whom the public would allegedly like to see in the Senate, even before the senatorial candidates are officially nominated. Or, the pollsters themselves solicit the business of the interested parties and come up with simulated or manufactured surveys to award favorable ratings to the paying parties. In the case of the presidential polls, the fraudsters do not even bother to find out whether the names they include in their manufactured or manipulated surveys are all eligible for the office, pursuant to the constitutional requirement that no person may be elected president or vice-president, unless he is, among others, a natural-born citizen, which means one who is a Philippine citizen from birth, without having to perform an act to acquire or perfect his citizenship.

The most scandalous proof of this is the persistent effort to portray Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares as the alleged front-runner in the alleged presidential surveys supposedly commissioned and paid for by a penurious newspaper, despite the fact that she is not even a natural-born Filipino under the Constitution, and therefore not fit to remain in the Senate, as stated in the quo warranto suit before the Senate Electoral Tribunal by petitioner Rizalito David and his counsel Manuelito Luna, or to run for president or vice president.

If the propaganda pollsters really want to find out what Filipinos really think about Mrs. Llamanzares, they should run a survey among individuals who understand what the Constitution says about natural-born citizens, and know that Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares was born a foundling without any known parentage or citizenship, and ask them whether citizens should follow the clear language and the “dura lex sed lex” mandate of the Constitution or the unverified and unverifiable claims of so-called popularity polls. The choice is between the constitutional process and a con game. And in many instances, the opinion polls have been used as a con-game.

Thus, yesterday’s Philippine Star page 2 story claimed: “Poe tops Pulse Asia survey for president, VP.”

“Sen. Grace Poe remains the leading candidate for president and vice president in the May 2016 elections, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey.

“Poe topped the Sept. 8 to 14 survey for most preferred candidates for president, Pulse Asia said yesterday.

“Poe would be elected president by 26 percent of Filipinos if the 2016 were held during the survey period, Pulse Asia said.”

If indeed a real survey was conducted, among individuals who understood that Mrs. Llamanzares’s constitutional eligibility is under serious dispute because of her lack of citizenship, the pollsters should have asked the respondents whether or not they cared about this issue at all, and if they didn’t, the pollsters should have reported that 26 percent of those interviewed——not 26 percent of 50 million Filipino voters—-would still choose Mrs. Llamanzares, whether or not she was constitutionally eligible for the office.

The day before that, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the paper whose gatekeepers have the arrogance to say that nothing is news until you read it in the PDI, bannered a non-story saying, “More lawyers back Poe on citizenship,” accompanied by a commentary by one Oscar Franklin Tan, whom the paper identified as its legal commentator, saying that Mrs. Llamanzares’ continued use of her US passport after she had supposedly renounced her US citizenship and taken an oath of allegiance to the Philippines was irrelevant to the question of her citizenship.

The paper gave the impression that an army of lawyers had come out of the woodwork to supply evidence which Mrs. Llamanzares’ counsel had earlier failed to provide the SET, and which should now convince Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Justices Arturo Brion and Teresita de Castro as well as any of the six senator-judges whose understanding of and loyalty to the Constitution transcend all partisan and other personal considerations, that an infant born with no known parentage, nationality or citizenship could still become a natural-born citizen later in life by participating in a beauty contest.

The paper failed to produce the army of lawyers, or any novel theory or doctrine that transcends or overturns Sec. 2, Article IV of the Constitution, which says, “Natural-born citizens are those who are citizens of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their Philippine citizenship.” It quoted with ease the statement of former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban, who referred to Article 2 of the 1961Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, which provides that, “A foundling found in the territory of a Contracting State shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered to have been born in the territory of parents possessing the nationality of the State.”

But it failed to point out that said Convention came into force long after Mary Grace was born and found, and that the Philippines has not acceded to it, and is not therefore a “contracting party” to it, until now. The Nobel laureate Albert Camus warns against “quoting without judging;” even retired jurists as well as leading national newspapers of a certain class would do well to remember that.

As for the PDI legal commentator Tan, he calls those who question Mrs. Llamanzares’ citizenship status as “haters of our favorite foundling,” and sneers at petitioner Rizalito David’s counsel Manuelito Luna by asking “who is this lawyer Luna belatedly hounding Poe?” He appears to be in desperate search of personal motives to explain why some people want Mrs. Llamanzares disqualified from seeking an office for which she is not eligible under the Constitution.

I was the first one to point out that Mrs. Llamanzares is not a natural-born Filipino. I have written the most number of articles on this issue, too. But until I saw how much lying she has done under oath, I was prepared to say that without the constitutional issue hounding her, I would have been among her foremost admirers and would have supported her. So why suggest hate at all? I do not even hate PNoy, why should I hate her? Neither, I believe, does Rizalito David or Manuelito Luna. It is a terribly small mind that wants to reduce an issue as large as a presidential candidate’s constitutional ineligibility for the office into a personal thing.

Tan does Mrs. Llamanzares no great service when he says: “She became a Philippine-US dual citizen in 2006. She swore an oath of allegiance to the Philippines in 2010 as chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board…The day before she swore her oath of office on Oct. 21, 2010, to President Aquino, Poe filed a sworn affidavit that she was renouncing her US citizenship. But she filed this with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, not with the US government.”

This has the same effect as the various falsified or flawed documents submitted by the defense counsel to the SET. Instead of helping the respondent, it bakes her in the furnace. Remember the Dual Citizenship Law covers only former natural-born Filipinos who became foreign citizens after 2003. Mrs. Llamanzares was never a former natural-born citizen, and she became a US citizen, by Tan’s own admission in 2001, before the passage of the Dual Citizenship Law. So his statement has no merit. As to her alleged renunciation of US citizenship, this act had to be perfected under US law, with the US State Department, not with the BID. By Tan’s own admission, she was still a US citizen when she assume office as MTRCB chair, a job reserved for Filipinos. This was a further violation of law.

We have to end where we began—-with surveys. Surveys, even when done with great scientific care, could still be flawed. This happened in the 1948 US presidential election when, on the basis of nearly unanimous forecasts, the Chicago Tribune headlined, ”Dewey defeats Truman,” only to see Truman win. What is unforgivable though is when despite the shameful SWS exit survey fiasco in Metro Manila in 2004, we still find the same fraudsters in operation, and they have the temerity to boast a nearly 100 percent accuracy, just because their surveys are used no longer simply for mind-conditioning, but rather to guide the cheating syndicate that controls the hocus PCOS.


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  1. No doubt that poe is a natural born filipino and the result of the DNA will be ready in two reply on this is,the DNA result might be 100percent filipino blood is true but in documents is not this is lies.she is a shameless then to run for presidency candidate.lair go to hell!!!in jesus name stay tunned.your face is so thick and I don’t wanna see it in any television network.nakakasuka! nakakahiya ka lang!sana matablan ka naman.your not qualified at all!!!

  2. Mrs. Grace Llamanzares please give it up. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask
    1. why you gave up your Pilipino Citizenship and pledge allegiance to another country?
    2. then when an opportunity came along you given up that allegiance to that country and
    asked to be a Pilipino Citizen.
    3. Your husband and children are citizens of another country and yet you are telling us Pilipinos that you want to serve the country. You can do that even if you live in that foreign country of yours by paying your taxes in the Philippines. Maybe, you chose to be a citizen of another country so you don’t need to pay your taxes here in the Philippines.
    4. When push come to shove what citizenship will you choose. It looks like whatever is convenient for you Mrs. Grace Llamanzares.

  3. , the mirror says;there is no patriotic among them all ( pres. wannabees)…which is true though…
    and the mirror also says that Filipinoes were just make believing that this country the embattled wartorned the Philippines is really ours and you still day dreaming that someday americans will give up its sovereign over us.
    and to you, just give what is due to a Filipino before benefitting others.
    congrats to the winner!

  4. As for me, Mrs. Llamanzares citizenship is a lesser issue than capability and motive for running. Clearly when she denounced her Filipino citizenship it was for convenience. She wanted and her family to live a little less luxurious life for she could have stayed and worked in the U.S. without denouncing her citizenship. Again for me, being a Filipino is the only true identity that I can be proud of. I will never denounce it for any reason, for convenience. For Mrs. Llamanzares, reacquiring her Filipino citizenship back and running for president is clearly for convenience.

  5. Gabz says to P.Akialamero:

    1. why don’t you run for president if you think you’re better than Grace Poe?

    My Reply: This is a cheap trick of responding to a comment. How old are you? twelve?

    2. don’t just whine but do something for the good of the Philippines.

    My Reply: He is not whining. He is expressing his concerns. Better check your dictionary for the word “whining”. Who are you to order him to “do something good for the Philippines”?

    3. At least Grace Poe intends to do something good & she goes for it in action…

    My Reply: What “good” has she done? Better give some examples. Besides, do you realize that what is “good” to you may not be “good” to others?

  6. victor m. hernandez on

    The discussion on Senator Poe’s citizenship, as a natural born or not is pure based on the Constitution, and is a legal issue. Former Chief Justice Art Pangniban argued that she is a natural born Filipino. Other lawyers argued similarly, one is Atty. Franklin Oscar Tan, a columnist of PDI. Senior SC Justice Antonio Carpio argues that Sen. Poe is not a natural born Filipino, although a naturalized Filipino. I guess this issue will be resolved by the Supreme Court, eventually.
    On different plane, not necessarily on the Constitution, but on simple logic, and not legalistic, it is an accepted fact that she was and found in an Iloilo church when she was an infant. The documents shown in the SET, and in social media stated that her parents are the Militars of Jaro, Iloilo. I do not know why the parents, the civil registrar of Iloilo, do not present themselves to validate this assertion of Sen. Poe’s birth circumstances, and why she was eventually put in a place where she was found as a baby. So far her journey towards public service in the Philippines because of tampered birth certificate, unvalidated assertion of her birth’s circumstances. it is not even clear whether she was indeed found as a baby, or when she was already a toddler. If older than a day-old infant, her father or mother or a relative, or a comadrona could definitelly testify that, indeed, she was born in Jaro, Iloilo, of Filipino parents.

  7. Grace Poe still American citizens. Did he inform American Embassy or U.S.government that she denounced her citizenship? I dont think so.Why? her family still residing in U.S. and she herself is in the Philippines who she is one of the candidates for Presidential elections. Constitutonally she is not qualifed even for Senator ….Mga abogado de kampanilya,, alam ba ninyo ang constitution ng Pilipinas?? baka nmn gingagaya ninyo ang Presidente ninyong kulang sa kaalaman sa saligang batas ng Pilipinas..Gumising naman kayo.. Kawawa na ang mamayang Filipino sa panloloko ninyo thru bayaran media ng administration ito.. SHAME ON YOU…. GOD SAVE PHILIPPINES FROM THE EVIL PARTY OF THIS LEADER..

  8. You are so so right, Mr. Tatad. When PDI stated that “More lawyers back Poe on citizenship,” I really expected new names to appear as “backers”. But lo and behold – the same familiar names showed up. So, nothing new at all. Just a recycling of the old.

    In at least three articles, former SC Justice A. Panganiban always brings up Article 2 of the 1961 UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness to support his position that G. Poe Llamanzares is a natural born Filipino. Because it will weaken or diminish his position, he does not mention that it is non-enforceable in the Philippines as the latter did not ratify or sign the Convention. He ignores Article 12 of the Convention which even acknowledges this point:

    “The provisions of article 2 of this Convention shall apply only to foundlings found in the territory of a Contracting State after the entry into force of the Convention for that State”.

    Since the Philippines (the State) did not ratify the Convention, its “entry into force” never took place or materialized.

    As for Oscar Franklin Tan, it is clear that he is a shill for Poe Llamanzares. I suspect he even consulted her before he wrote his “irrelevant” column. His explanation as to her use of her US passport is nothing more but a deflection of the real issue – her natural born status. He does not explain why she went to the US embassy only in July 2011 to renounce her US citizenship when she already renounced it on October 20, 2010 in accordance with Philippine Law. Is it because she wanted to use her US passport before it expired in Sept 2011?

    I agree with you that Mr. Tan, in his column, “sneers” at Atty. Manuelito Luna, Mr. Rizalito David’s lawyer. (In another column, he even admonished SC Associate Justice Antonio Carpio for not being “straight forward”). He exhibited such an arrogant, unprofessional, and condescending manner towards Atty Luna that I actually googled his name to find out more about him. Based on my findings, I concluded that this legal columnist is overrated in respect of legal knowledge and became a columnist because of his writing ability. Thus, I advise anyone who reads his column to question his premises and to take everything he says not with a grain, but with a pound of salt.

  9. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    30 September 2015

    Yes, indeed, Manila Times columnist FRANCISCO S. TATAD has for several times now weighed in on the controversial issue of whether or not GRACE POE LLAMANZARES is a natural-born Filipino or not, and consistently taken the position that she is not for the reasons he has adduced.

    Perhaps it is time for him to focus on other issues because my sense is that he has covered the subject already more than adequately.

    Let us now leave it to the SENATE ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL to rule on this question about Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares’ citizenship. After all, according to the Constitution, the SET is the Tribunal which has the SOLE responsibility and authority to rule on this matter. The SET is an independent Tribunal of competent members and it is not possible that it will be influenced by whatever outsiders have to say on this matter.


  10. Why the PHILCONSA can’t make a petition to the Supreme Court to stop this notorious workmanship of SWS and Pulse Asia pollsters with blessings from the palace from further bombarding the public with their series of unverified, disputable and bias pollster survey since this are contrary in practice, unethical in professional conduct and illegal in nature.

  11. Thank you to retired-Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban for believing that Senator Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino. Eversince, I never had any doubt that Sen Poe is a natural-born citizen.

    • victor m. hernandez on

      As pointed out, she’s is still an American citizen, unless she has submitted her renunciation of US citizenship with the authorized US government agency. If she is allowed to run for the Presidency, and we will have an American as a President, and with Americans as her immediate family.

    • As we await with great anticipation the SET’s final verdict on Grace Poe’s disqualification case, I cannot help but notice the following based on comments made so far. Those who are saying that GP is natural born Filipino have based their contention on international laws. Whereas, those who say that she is not natural born Filipino derived their conclusion based on the definitions stated in the 1935, 1973 and 1987 Philippine Constitution. I believe International Laws are not tailor-made for a specific country although their generally accepted principles like in the UN Conventions, can be applied by contracting state. And even if a certain country accedes to these International Laws, a legislation is required from the contracting state to implement those generally accepted principles. As mentioned in the Sept-21 oral arguments at SET, Senators Lapid and Llamanzares are already working on separate bills pertaining to citizenship. It was also mentioned in the oral arguments that when an International law contravenes our national law, it cannot be applied. Our national law such as the Philippine Constitution has primacy over International Laws.

  12. Kung sakaling manalo si Mrs. Llamanzares, pwede ba nyang makasama sa malacanang ang kanyang asawa at anak na pawang mga american citizen?

  13. A gamut of things and events cannot just be tolerated or deadpanned. Hegemony, by foreign powers ( knowing U.S.A.& UK’s politics and interest groups ), our mainstream TV and broadcasting networks altogether their commentators with their vested interests obviously under their patrons, how can gullible voters escape their “say so” and image build-ups? There ought to be Filipino nationalism and patriotism, a re-birth in Philippine Society. Capitalists, investors and oligarchs must be of a new breed and of discipline: selfless in pro-nation building, thinking less about imports and luxuries unless basically needed. Philippine Society must be assimilating and, rather than discriminating, a compassionate nation, lest greed and crimes will pervade.

  14. It’s really dismaying and annoying that up to this time the pseudo legal experts for Grace Poe still don’t want to concede that their points of contention as to to citizenship of GP are pull of holes as to abide with the provisions of the Philippine Constitution. The lawyers of Grace Poe at the SET hearing already accepted the fact that only the DNA test would save GP from her predicament and they even stated that the DNA result would be ready in a couple of weeks. It would be better to wait until the DNA finding comes out as they promised. Attacking and discrediting Justice Carpio won’t serve GP any better but just add more credence to the falsity of their claim that GP is really a natural born Filipina.

  15. Respecting other’s opinion, I still believe that issues being thrown to Senator Grace Poe has a need to undergo in due process. So let us all wait to the final decision and do not underestimate someone’s capacity to run.

  16. With regards to her on going citizenship issue, if we analyze Carpio’s ruling we find that in Poe’s insinuation there might be some prejudice against the status of local foundlings in the Philippines has some merit. The law says that a person is considered innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This implies that Poe should be given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the status of her original parents. The burden of proof lies not with Poe, but on the shoulders of her detractors when considering the nationality of her true parents. And you call that being fair? I mean even if only one of her parents is a Filipino citizen, that is enough, and the probability of that being true is quite high.

    • Are you even aware of the crux of the issue in the SET? It’s now focusing on her falsified documents, so the burden of proof shifted to her. There are legal issues in her filing, such as the validity of her birth certificate and her filing of candidacy at the time of her senatorial bid. One of her birth certificates was issued by a MTC judge who didn’t t even have the jurisdiction.

  17. It’s pretty evident now, basing on the poor, biased journalism, that Philippines Daily Inquirer and Philippines Star are reducing themselves into nothing but tabloids. The irony of it all is that for the well-informed ones, they are vastly becoming a less, if not, non-credible media. I sure hope you will continue to expose the facts. As ugly as things are, with all these fraudulent lies in journalism and polls, one would hope that in this modern day of social media through the use of twitter, facebooks, instagram, or internet overall, we have more avenues to expose these damned lies!

  18. it’s a media warfare and media outfit ,media practitioners are participating without them knowing

    • no, it’s not that the media didn’t know or ignorant of the thing. but the truth is that, they are paid in huge, handsome amount by invisible forces behind the running of mrs. grace poe llamanzares to the presidency for her to be registered in the minds of the filipino voters as sure winner of the upcoming polls. a sort of mind conditioning through false representation of data.

  19. Its mind boggling to think that ex Senator Kit Tatad who’s not even a Lawyer could decimate and pulverize the idiotic and “palusot” reasons defending the future President daw of the Republic…..sanamabit.
    Wish him to be a Senator once again to bring back the glory and sensible days of the Senate.What do we have now…Trililing, Cawatano, Lito Lapid, Villar, Jinggoy, Bong Revilla, Honasan,…etc.?
    It’s been 30 years that FM was gone…. but where are we now? Did we get any better?

  20. All reputable polling agencies, such as Gallop, publish the caveat that their results are only accurate within a margin of error. Usually plus or minus 3% (depending on the statistical model, the sample size etc.).
    In the recent UK election, most polls forecast a hung parliament with no single party having a majority of seats. In the event, the Conservatives polled 3% more than expected, and just crept in with a small majority. Obviously this left the pollsters with some explaining to do. They pointed to some unpredicted factors, but mostly relied on the plus or minus 3% margin of error. Exactly the error on this occasion. Do our local pollsters offer similar health warnings to their findings here?

  21. Jose A. Oliveros on

    The column of former Chief Justice Artemio V. Panganiban in last Sunday’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Sept. 27, 2015) was picked up and reported in the Manila Bulletin and the Manila Daily Standard. However, Manila Times columnist Jaime Bautista, a retired Ambassador and Professor of Law, in his column yesterday, Sept. 29, refuted the stand of Panganiban without directly referring to him. That column of Amb. Bautista should be given the widest publicity possible lest people believe that Panganiban’s pronouncement is gospel truth like the ex cathedra pronouncement of the Roman Pontiff on matters of faith and morals in the Catholic Church.

    • Yes, indeed as it is so informative! It should be republished just like what PDI did with the last two columns of Oscar Franklin Tan. Talk about PDI trying to manipulate the thinking of the masses.

  22. Tatad will praise the polls if his corrupt candidate Binay is ahead in the surveys. What a hypocrite Opus Dei member!

    • “Ad hominem” or straw man attack!!. Is that the best you can do? Why not rebut and present your counterarguments (assuming you have any), and engage in a proper discussion or debate?

    • Mr. Tatad should stop opining if he has a candidate or he is being paid to put down the popularity of Grace Poe. Let’s give GP to defend herself on the issues hurled on her and let the SET do their thing. To Mr. Tatad I admire you for being a member of Opus Dei and I used to see you hearing mass at St. Paul the Apostle Parish at Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City. Please stay out of politics and respect the rights of GP to defend herself in court. God bless you Mr. Tatad!

  23. Grace Poe is NOT a “natural-born”;
    neither she is a Naturalized Filipino Citizen!

    I strongly disagree with Saguisag and Panganiban that Grace Poe having been FOUND in the Philippines as a foundling (without known parents) is a “natural-born” Filipino under the International law doctrine on Foundlings that the a foundling child has the citizenship of the country where the child is found. The doctrine only gives the foundling a “citizenship status” of the country where child was found BUT does not clothed it with a “nAtural born” status as same is construed under the 1935 Constitution which declares that a child is a “natural-born Filipino citizen” when the child’s father is a Filipino citizen a does not have to perform acts to become citizen or mother is a Filipino citizen and at age of majority (18 years old) elect Filipini citizenship. The International law on foundling is a general doctrine that must yield to the basic law of the country on citizenship, like above described. Thus, the Constitution must be followed in interpreting the citizenship status of a child, which in this case the father or mother must be known and possessed the Filipino citizenship to be derivative of the child. To harmonize the International law doctrine on Foundlings with country’s Constitution where foundling was found, it is only the “citizenship” status that is afforded to foundling to prevent. “Statelessness” but not the “natural -born status given when the child parents are known and clothed with known Filipino citizenship. It is only the “fiction” of International law doctrine on Foundlings that a foundling is deemed a “citizen” BUT NOT a natural born of place where found to precisely to avoid discrimination on child’s personal civil and political status. This is because Poe CANNOT follow the citizenship of the child parents as they are unknown BUT follows only the “citizenship of place” where found.
    I however disagree with Justice Carpio that Poe was a “naturalized” Filipino pursuant to the same International law on foundling. My take is Poe is a Filipino “citizen” only but not a Natural-born since “Naturalization” stretches to far the presumption afforded by International law. Further, it is an administrative quasi-judicial process requiring a proceeding of presentation of extraneous evidence of citizenship qualifications and none of the disqualification. It also presupposes existence of different national citizenship of Petitioner who wish to adopt and change his/her citizenship to Filipino. On the other hand, the grant of citizenship to a “foundling” has the strong presumption that the place where found is the child place of birth affording the child political nationality!

    Note my above position in disagreement with Saguisag and Panganiban is because of the factual factor that Grace Poe born/found in 1968 is governed under the 1935 Constitition on citizenship AND NOT under the 1987 Onstitution. The distinction lies in that the 1935 Constitution only adhered to the doctrine of “Jus Sanguines or Blood Relationship”; while the 1987 Constitution subscribed BOTH to “Jus Sanguines AND JUS SOLI ( place of birth). Thus after 1987 Constitution, foundling follows the citizenship of PLACE OF BIRTH (place or country where found) an, hence, foundling becomes a “natural-born”. Filipino citizen since this new Constitution does not restrict derivative citizenship from parental citizenship but follows also citizenship of place where child was found! Hence my take would be the same as Saguisag and Panganiban after the 1987 Constitution.

    Sent from my iPad

    • The 1987 Constitution Of The Philippines follows the principle of “Jus Sanguinis” (blood relationship) since it requires the father or mother to be Filipino citizen upon the child’s birth. The place of birth was not mentioned nor referred to in the Constitution.

  24. ..I also read about the document or birth certificate she presented for her dual citizenship application, was fraudulent because she claimed to be born from the couple Susan Sonora Poe and Ronald Allan Poe on Sept. 03, 1968 four months before the couple was married. On the question of why she is eligible and qualified to run for higher govt. positions, some legal experts say that Pilipinos who renounced their citizenship to pledge allegiance to another country, a citizenship requirement and then revert back to their Pilipino citizenship by applying for a dual citizenship in their motherland, has the privilege of getting back their “natural born” citizenship status will be fully restored…I don’t think this all applies to her and qualifies her to run for a high govt. position because of the fraudulent birth certificate claiming she was naturally born from the Sonora-Poe couple, this after admitting that she was a foundling and was adopted by the Sonora-Poe couple….the SWS survey and legal experts throwing in their opinions are adding to the confusion with regards to truly understanding and knowing the qualifications and purpose of the candidates.

  25. Mr. Makabenta in his yesterday’s column wrote the right phrase: “Manipulated survey”.


  26. on

    Congrats Kit Tatad for your erudite well-researched article on the citizenship issue of Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares. For your info she is still married to an American citizen and her children are US citizens.

    • There was a film of one of the Mamasapano Massacre Executive Sessions of the Senate headed by Sen. Grace Poe that appeared in the internet facebook where Sen. Nancy Binay was asking the DFA officials ” What was the involvement of the US in the Mamasapano Massacre? Can you submit to the Senate your DFA records? Sen. Grace Poe was the one answering for the DFA where she depended the US by saying ” that’s is irelevant, the US was never involved. ” which prevented the DFA officials from replying if they will give or not it’s record of the incident.
      The question now is in case there will be a war between China and US due to West Philippine Sea; 1) Will Grace Poe Llamanzares asked help to the US and send all her US Citizen family back to the US or 2) Will she do a Sec. Arcadio Licuanan after he said that during the Midnight Cabinet meetings of Pres. Erap in Malacanang, by 4 am He ( Licuanan) was the only one sober that made Erap very furious that the same day Licuanan flew to Canada. Will the Llamanzares family including Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares take a US plane back to the US for their safety and convenient?

    • This the reason why many people are questioning her possible “double” allegiance. Should there be a conflict between the USA and the Philippines on any matter, whose side will she take? The incident which Apolonio Reyes describes below indicates she already has preconceived notions favoring the USA. This is not the kind of Commander-in-Chief that the Philippines deserves. Having sworn allegiance to the USA in 2001, what would prevent her from holding that allegiance secretly in her heart, especially, given her American family? In other words, one cannot and will never be sure of her loyalty.

  27. Lies, damned lies, makes everything lies, the noble family of lies so in the long run it becomes the truth, not of the truth, but of lies or the truth of lies, Hi!! Hi!! Hi!!

  28. Naniniwala akong nasa panig ni Grace Poe ang katotohanan at lahat ng pang-aatake sa kanya ngayon ay nagpapatunay lang na takot ang mga kalaban nya sa kanya.

    • Ito po ang katotohanan. Nuong umupong Chairman ng MTRCB si Grace Poe ay wala pong umatake or bumatikos sa qualification niya, kasi po and position iyon ay hindi kailangan ang natural born citizenship requirement. Sa pagtakbo ng Senador at President ng Pilipinas ay kailangan na po, kung kayat timely lamang po ang pag atake sa kanyang qualifications, this time for senatorial and presidential elections.

    • Erin, totoo yan, talagang lalabas ang buong katotohanan. Ang masakit nito ang mga panagutan niya at ng inainahan sa kulongan sa pag palsipika ng opisyal na dokomento. Huwag naman sana na, dahil sa matinding torment na dinaranas nila ngayon, dahil lamang sa kahinaan ng kanilang puso at paninindigan sa matuwid at malinis na pamamaraan, na itinutulak at pagsasamantala ng mga taong nasa likod niya na mga mababangis, mga gahaman at ganid sa salapi at kapangyarihan, maari po bang tantanan nyo na ang kawawang pamilya ni Senador Grace Poe. Exorcism by power authority is requested to any Bishop covering their Diocese to be administered to this family in order to expiate the ominous power of Satan that apparently been succumbed the whole being of Sen. Grace Poe’s family and her mother. Mere human nature or power of the family cannot certainly defeat the supernatural power of the devil unless all of them in the family seek to clothe themselves with the supernatural power of Christ, which is very possible in the proper spiritual procedures directed by the Church. Any one around with pastoral ability, be it lay or clergy be please voluntarily minister to this family in away to sanctify themselves and for others.

    • Reply to Bar Wannabe

      Sorry, but the MTRCB members must be natural born citizens. This is in accordance with a presidential decree signed by the late President Ferdinand Marcos.


      Section 2. Composition; qualifications; benefits. — The BOARD shall be composed of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and thirty (30) members, who shall all be appointed by the President of the Philippines. The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, and the members of the BOARD, shall hold office for a term of one (1) year, unless sooner removed by the President for any cause; Provided, That they shall be eligible for re-appointment after the expiration of their term. If the Chairman, or the Vice-Chairman or any member of the BOARD fails to complete his term, any person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve only for the unexpired portion of the term of the BOARD member whom he succeeds.

      No person shall be appointed to the BOARD, unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, not less than twenty-one (21) years of age, and of good moral character and standing in the community;

  29. I usually classify you as a bias columnist and being a Martial Law propagandist you are used to tell the opposite side of a lie. But after reading all the written articles of the issues pertaining Poe’s citizenship, you have the most credible argument against Poe. You based it on facts and supported it with the pertaining provision of our constitution. You have presented your arguments in the most simple terms that I wish everybody understands!

  30. SWS and Pulse Asia have been an integral part of fraudulent political system established by Corazon Cojuangco Aquino clique to sell the candidacy of their boys and girls in the Philippine politics.

  31. It is indeed a tragedy that we have in our midst a GREAT LIAR aspiring to be president. I hope our people realize that we cannot put such a moral pervert on top of our government. One who is comfortable to lie about her own birth will never be a fitting leader of a country. Every thing Poe does will be tainted with her own dishonesty and moral incompetence.

    • I think it’s safe to assume that Grace P. Llamanzares is an illegitimate foundling abandoned by her mother. Her birth parents are unknown (or are they really, Mr. Tatad?) and her adoptive father was also born illegitimate. Liars? Not so fast but they are also great pretenders. Balatkayo lamang for her to say she will continue the good work of her “father”. Like her, her father was a good actor but he has done nothing for the good of the Filipino people..

  32. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares, the President of the Republic of the Philppines and the Anerican citizen First Gentleman and her American citizen children.” How does this sound?

    Beyond her questionable natural-born status, what is she bring to the table to be able to govern .the 100 million or so, Filipinos, many of whom are below poverty line, increased crimes, international conflicts, inutil Congress, rampant orruption, etc., etc.

    First of all, the popularity she enjoyed when she ran for Congress is only “derivative” and has nothing to do with any achievement she had. It has nothing to do with her ability to run the country which she has never evinced. Her naivite’ will cause her downfall to the detriment of the country’s future.

    Finally, her SOLID loyalty to the Constitution which a president protects and defends is a big question mark. Is she all the Filipino people deserve? Where have all the illustrious full-fledged leaders gone?

    • Francisco Sevilla on

      She renounced her US citizenship and reacquired her Philippine citizenship only for convenience. If she loses in the presidential elections in 2016, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, she will again renounced her Philippine citizenship and reacquire US citizenship. Kasi asawa at mga anak niya mga amerikano. Sarap yatang maging amerikano. Maraming pribilehiyo.

    • why don’t you run for president if you think you’re better than Grace Poe? don’t just whine but do something for the good of the Philippines. At least Grace Poe intends to do something good & she goes for it in action….

    • Gabz, understand that Poe’s intents in the Philippine politics were good, but it is not good enough since all were done in bad faith or through illegal ways, what value is it? That matters a lot to be the highest leader of the country. A reasonable person understand that!!!