Lies! Lies! Lies!



IT’S nerve wracking that almost every day the “biased” media continue to print lies against our beloved, immensely popular President Rodrigo Duterte. His die-hard followers are completely justified in cursing and even wishing dead all those who dare tell lies and criticize or deliberately misquote the well-meaning, decisive President.

There is only one truth, so when there are two versions of the President’s statement, one has to be a lie. So, previous reports that the President wanted the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States will continue were either lies or a deliberate misquoting to paint the President as America’s little brown brother. The real position of the President is that he wants to pursue a balanced foreign policy by moving closer to Russia and China.

Another lie by the “biased media” is the report that the President didn’t want to release the latest list of alleged drug personalities because it contained some of his friends. The truth is, he doesn’t care whether he’ll hurt his friends or not in performing his duties. Remember, when his friend Pastor Quiboloy complained of being excluded from his inner circle, he remarked: “Country first before friendship.”

But the biggest and cruelest lie of all is that on the existence of a Davao Death Squad under his sponsorship. This is nothing but idle gossip. Sure, there have been decades-old talks of suspected criminals being summarily executed in Davao but there has never been any witness to prove this, or to link then City Mayor Duterte to the killings. Who knows, they might have been victims of rival gangs.

What’s more disheartening is the fact that even priests who are supposed to be guardians of truth are the main purveyors of this lie about the DDS and the President.

On Nov. 21, 2001, Archbishop Fernando Capalla of the Archdiocese of Davao issued a pastoral letter titled “Thou Shalt Not Kill” where he lamented the killings allegedly perpetrated by the DDS.

“There is a saying that ‘He who lives by the sword will perish by the sword.’ This is a strong and ominous warning to states or individuals who are self-proclaimed gods.” He described the self-proclaimed gods as “without moral and social conscience.”

He maintained that it’s wrong for any government to tolerate criminal groups like the Davao Death Squad to kill.

“The so-called death squads are violating both civil and moral laws and, therefore, are criminals themselves,” Archbishop Capalla said.

He then implored the government and its law enforcement authorities to stop Davao City from becoming a “Wild Wild West where the only law is the law of the gun.”

Note that this pastoral letter was issued way back in 2001. It riles the President’s millions of supporters that the Church continues to bandy about this unconfirmed DDS as if it’s the biggest threat to the country when drugs pose a bigger one. No wonder, the President said the Catholic Church could soon become irrelevant while asking his faithful supporters to join the “Iglesia ni Duterte.”

Do they want drug addicts to continue to rob, kill and steal? They are the dregs of society, in the minds of the enlightened administration supporters, and the sooner they’re eliminated, the better for the country.

Another lie being peddled by those who want to oust the President and given ample play by the “biased media” is the claim that about 3,700 suspected drug addicts and dealers have been killed since the President took over. Figures from the Philippine National Police are more authoritative: only 1,756 have been killed from May 10, 2016 to Sept. 23, 2016.

Leaders of the Catholic Church charge that the President lied when he said during the campaign that he would resign if he couldn’t end criminality in six months. They took issue with his call for an extension of six more months. “I can’t kill them all,” he explained, referring to drug addicts whose number he placed at 3.7 million.

Understandably, his supporters don’t care how long it takes him to exterminate drug pushers and users as long as he does it. Okay, let’s do the math: Some 1,756 have been killed from May to September, or a period of five months. Going further, and assuming the same rate of suspects resisting arrest, 17,560 will be killed in 50 months, 175,600 in 500 months, 1,756,000 in 5,000 months, and 3.51 million in 50,000 months.

So it will take President Duterte more than 4,000 years to kill all the drug addicts and pushers, but he can’t live that long. He can eliminate only about 20,000 in his six years in office. Pity the Philippines if he’ll leave with unfinished business!

There is one way he can pursue his desired change: Follow the example set by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, an equally strong revolutionary leader in amending the Constitution so he can reorganize the judiciary, take full control of Congress and media, and seek reelection without limit.

But what if the Philippines ends up like Venezuela? Ah, that’s another story.


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  1. I came home a week ago from abroad and I ask several people especially the common folks such as my driver, mechanic, neighbors, maids and office workers. They have resoundingly agreed that there is more peace and quiet and they feel safer with the current war against drugs and criminality. Many druggies and pushers have surrendered, eliminated or stopped dealing. More barangay people are patrolling their streets to keep it safe. Many are home early and the karaoke singing neighbors who pester them have been told to tune out after 10pm lest they call the 911.
    These are the small but important things of daily life that PRRD has done with urgency.
    And when the final resolution of wars between the CPP-NPA, MNLF/MILF and other belligerents have been achieved, we will be able to focus on eliminating poverty, unemployment and the miserable existence for millions of Filipinos.

  2. Excellent article. Yes, the church is afraid that Duterte would stay in power in the next 6 years. What are they afraid about anyway? Their hidden wealth? Their corruption inside the walls of the church? People are straying away from religion because of these members of the church who cannot keep their mouths, much less their hands who may have received millions (and not to mention the sexual offenses they committed) from the drug money. Yes, it is for the sake of charity but, was the money even applied towards charitable acts? The poor living on the streets are still there, scrapping for food everyday. No conscience at all! And that is our catholic church? I would rather live my life without religion and practice the charitable work that we as human beings should do towards our neighbors without the publicity and boasting that the rich usually do.

  3. What a biased article this is from a blind follower of one who flip flops and misquotes himself. There is only one truth–your idol is turning out to be nothing more than a madman who is selling out the country to the communists and China.

  4. media’s lies! lies! lies! + lies and more lies! = TRUTH …… this is what we called a Goebbelsian lies. and RP medias are very – very good at this.

  5. Indeed the Philippine Media has turned its back to the people since EDSA Revolution happened. They sold their souls to the Oligarchs and looked what happened to our country. President Duterte needs our support and we need to be vigilant as the enemy is salivating like fool dogs in wanting to get him down. They are like addicts that can’t control themselves and going wild even more everyday. They smells the blood of our President and they want to install the Fake VP and everything will be a feast again for them to loot our country and make this country like what Caligula did in Rome!

  6. More than ever we need to support Duterte. It is too early to judge him. His patriotic stance to serve the Filipino people’s interests foremost is uncompromising. Oozing with so much political will to get things done, no doubt, it sets him apart from the rest of his predecessors from Roxas to Aquino.

  7. Du-30 is following in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Khadaffy and Hugo Chavez. It’s not farfetched that the Philippines would end up like Venezuela.

    • iraq & libya are now worst than while still under the regimes of saddam and qaddafi, respectively.


      because of the destruction by the US, EU and their allies!