‘Life-charging’ inspirations


THERE are people who live a life of inspiration, filled with passion and commitment. They possess within them a great desire to fulfill a dream, a longing to bring about change and a great love for country or family.

To motivate others, multi-vitamin brand Pharmaton launched a brand new campaign to recognize such individuals who continue to make positive changes in their communities and the country as a whole.

Dubbed as the “Pharmaton Life Chargers,” the campaign further hopes to draw attention to these individuals’ advocacies and gain support for their very worthy projects.

The Manila Times met these “Life Chargers” at a grand presentation at the Intercontinental Hotel Manila.  Read the change they have made.

Hindy Weber Tantoco is best known as a fashion icon but she is also a mother of four and owner of Holy Carabao Farms. She advocates organic food and farming to encourage healthy lifestyles among today’s busy generation.

Maxie Abad is a lawyer, triathlete, former player of the Philippine National Football Team and founder of Manila Soccer Academy (MSA). Born out of a desire to give back to the sport, Abad uses the MSA as a venue to train good football players, while molding outstanding individuals among the youth as well.

Michelle Ressa Aventajado is a blogger, writer, yoga teacher and an advocate for special children. She has long supported the advocacy as she continues to raise her own daughter who has Downs Syndrome. She works with organizations such as Best Buddies, which promotes the inclusion of special children in society through one-to-one friendships.

Chef Rob Pengson is a popular chef and TV personality. Owner and head chef of the award-winning restaurant, The Goose Station in Bonifacio Global City, he also recently established the Epicurean Lab—a culinary science department of the  Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy in order to promote modern gastronomy in the local food and beverage industry.  He is an advocate of both classical and modern styles of cooking and continues to share his passion for good food with countless students.

Anthony Suntay is a sportscaster, journalist, and radio events host. Most notably, the man is regarded as the first Filipino international sportscaster, whose passion and determination for his craft allowed him to break through barriers and penetrate an industry dominated by English and Australian sportscasters in the region.


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