Life is a Dance


I have been a loyal Manila Times reader for years and years and years. That’s because I remember the pre-martial law years when your paper was No. 1 in our country.

Lately, though, your front page has become boringly too political, like the Inquirer when it decides to go all out against somebody or against someone’s stand on a public issue.

Your page 1 story on Friday “Life is a Dance” somehow gives back to your Manila Times the old universal appeal of The Times that Marcos murdered. Featuring the teacher and author, Marissa Jarmin Hartwig, who has been giving a lot of herself to kids by teaching them how to face and understand life through different prisms, is more like The Times that identified with human beings, children, parents, families and teachers. The Times should not make itself too sanctimoniously take itself seriously, like some of your new columnists who obviously hate religion, faith, families and the conservative virtues.

Life is a Dance and the front page story last week about the beatification of Venerable Bishop Alvaro del Portillo were treats to Times readers like me. We thought you had decided to become the official organ of anti-religion and anti-family liberalism.

Not only Roman Catholics like me but also my Aglipayan, Anglican, Lutheran, and other Protestant friends were saddened by your decision to stop publishing Spirituality Times and the extremely well-written, patriotic, pro-family, pro-religion and pro-rural column of Frank Hilario. At the same time you have made your Sunday issue the town crier for anti-religion propaganda.

Cres Malifier <>


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  1. rico santiago on

    The take of neutral readers Times stands for real journalism. Neutral readers has the choice, and Times is giving it to them. You can read two sides of the news in Times. The true news, and the well research true news by their staffs. Times do not cater for the majority pro and the majority anti. This is my take as a neutral reader.