Life made complete with a bundle of joy


    While it seems impossible for real life showbiz couples to stay together—most heading to splitsville shortly after their fairy tale weddings—popular husband-and-wife Iya Villania and Drew Arellano continue to prove that true love can exist in the world of entertainment.

    The celebrity couple with son Antonio Primo

    The two first met on the set of GMA youth-oriented program “Click,” credited as Arellano’s acting debut, in 2004 and maintained a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship until they tied the knot in 2014. Two years into their marriage, they welcomed their first-born, Antonio Primo.

    All together, Arellano and Villania have been together for a total of 13 years now and counting. Yet amazingly enough, they still give off that carefree vibe they have always had as a celebrity couple.

    “It’s still a playful kind of thing. I’m like, ‘What we’re married and we’re living in the same house’?” joked Arellano at the sidelines of his and Villania’s press conference for the GMA Network program, “Home Foodie.”

    “But yes, it’s been our 13th anniversary and we’ve truly evolved. Back in the day sobrang immature pa ng relationship namin and nag-progress na because now we are married with a kid. Madaming changes, pero at the same time parang ‘di pa totoo parang we’re still that high school sweethearts,” the 37-year-old husband and father chuckled.

    That is not to say, however, that they have been slacking off in taking care of their adorable bundle of joy.

    Like most first-time parents, Villania and Arellano have learned to forgo their personal routines to prioritize their son. Even more so for Villania is a proud breastfeeding mom to her son.

    Thirteen years and counting, Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are still so in love

    “Iya’s day with Primo starts very early. He wakes up every three to fours hours, so she will be feeding him and changing diapers in between. When the clock hits six, that’s my turn then to take care of Primo and for her to have some me time. After that, siya na ulit… She’ll prepare his breakfast then get ready to hit the gym or go to work. Really, it’s a vicious, demanding process and cycle, and it’s not very easy for the mothers,” Arellano said with obvious pride for his hardworking wife.

    “But when I see Primo, smiling all the time, making his early milestones, it shows just how well he’s taken care of by his mom. For that, I salute all the mothers and their sacrifices out there,” the actor-host said in acknowledgement.

    Touched by her husband’s praises, Villania—who easily got her pre-baby body back with an active lifestyle—said in return that caring for her newborn has given her unexplainable fulfillment.

    “Of course, life became more demanding in terms of needs— I’m needed as a mother to my son and as a wife without neglecting the need to take care of myself. A lot has changed in our lives but I always think that time taken away from ourselves for our little boy has made life more fulfilling and enjoyable,” the 30-year-old actress said.

    Besides Primo, the couple is also proud to talk about the new season of their cooking show Home Foodie.

    Debuting three years ago when they were just starting their family, Home Foodie first had Arellano as a host before eventually welcoming Villania for its second season.

    Besides being the show’s hosts–while San Miguel Purefoods celebrity chefs Llena Tan-Arenas, RJ Garcia and Rene Ruz demonstrate recipes for viewers—the couple has also learned to a thing or two in the kitchen, which they are eager to share in this new season.

    Asked for quick tips for those who would also like to conquer their own kitchens, the pair replied, “Be inspired and fearless.”

    “You can try and start going fearless into the kitchen, and experiment on things. That’s how I started. It’s all about trial and error, hit and miss. Hindi mo naman kailangan ng culinary studies. Ako, I educate myself by checking out YouTube videos and other cooking shows,” Arellano shared.

    “To be inspired by people who actually make cooking seem so easy is another tip. It will give you the confidence in preparing your own dishes and make it enjoyable,” Villania finally said.

    Home Foodie will air on GMA Network from Monday to Friday, after “Unang Hirit,” beginning May 15.


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