Life Oil backed by 4-year R&D before hitting market


While there were a lot of companies that rushed to the market powdered moringa leaves in capsules for the health conscious consumer, a Filipino company devoted four years to research to come up with what could possibly be most unique malunggay-based supplement in the world.

“The whole product development took four years in the making. It started with identifying which plant will yield the best source of natural nutrients,” said Andy Lugtu, president and chairman of Manila Natures Link Corp., the manufacturer and distributor of Life Oil malunggay oil capsule.

He added that the combination of malunggay leaves and seed oil proved to be the most powerful for a moringa-based supplement, and the claimed benefits of Life Oil include increased energy, strengthening of the immune system, managed sugar levels, lowered cholesterol levels, controlled blood pressure and even anti-cancer.

“What is unique in Life Oil is the fact that the rich nutrients of fresh malunggay leaves [still with active chlorophyll]was in perfect combination with the long-chain fatty acid profile of the seed oil [similar to fish oil],” Lugtu added.

He also confirmed that Life Oil is the only one of its kind in the world.

Lugtu said that the native Moringa Oleifera variety in the Philippines was singled out to be the best source of natural nutrients for Life Oil. However, the company also took into account what type of soil was best suited for the local malunggay tree to grow.

“The proper handling of the raw materials and the cleaning process are also critical to the quality of the end product. Customized machines were developed to optimize the extract yield of the leaves and seeds. And finally, international laboratories were used to conduct the safety and quality tests of the product,” Lugtu said.

The first customers of Life Oil were the families and friends of the company’s core investors. The product was then introduced to a bigger group—members of different religious ministries. Today, Life Oil is available nationwide through Mercury Drug Stores, Watsons, South Star, Rose Paharmacy, St. Joseph’s drugstores, Century Drug, 360 degrees drugstores, among others.

Lugtu said that the development of Life Oil was also inspired by the Bible verse Ezekiel 47:12 which states, “Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river, their leaves will not wither and their fruits will not fail; the fruits will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”


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