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    OFTENTIMES I ask these questions to myself. What is life’s purpose and what is my purpose in life? I always end up saying “I should live it until I find out for myself.”

    North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho pre-empted the US Congress in declaring war against his own country. If the situation gets worse, we will be facing the first world war triggered by a tweet.

    North Korea’s foreign minister said the US declared war on Nokor. I hope the US Secretary of State won’t respond by saying Nokor declared war on the US. I get pretty jittery remembering the 2002 movie “Collateral Damage.”

    * * *

    Fariñas wants Congress to have own police force independent of PNP. I am sure that he wants congressmen protected when they kill pending bills not to their likings lest they be accused of ELK, or extra-legislative killings.

    After the bill proposing a Congress Police, I am contemplating that the next move will be a bill hiring Congress jail wardens that will place incompetent legislators literally on “House Arrest.”

    The House of Representatives committee on health yesterday endorsed a bill allowing the use of cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes. As of now, there are 29 states in the US where medical marijuana is legal, including Washington D.C. Expect the bishops to cry “Holy Smoke!”

    * * *

    News: Transport strike fizzles out. The intention to paralyze transport was neutralized by the antidote “no work today” declaration. And the umpire said “Strike Out!”

    Medical technologist John Paul Solano on Monday night identified, in a “tell all” executive session with senators, six Aegis Juris Fraternity members whom he saw on the day he provided first aid to hazing victim Horacio Tomas Castillo 3rd.

    – No, he is not planning to upstage Regine Velasquez as “Asia’s Songbird.”

    * * *

    Sharing with you a humorous political news satire from NewsMutiny.com:
    “FULLERTON, CA – A man who was protesting the death of a man who was beaten to death in an altercation with Fullerton Police was beaten to death outside of Fullerton Police Headquarters yesterday afternoon.

    Editor’s Note: This article appears in the memory of its author, David Green, who tragically took his own life by beating himself to death shortly after its publication.”

    * * *

    We all welcome quake drills as it will prepare all residents of Metro Manila and nearby provinces for the “Big One.” This is also the opportune time to check the anomalies or defects of all dams that surround Bulacan and Metro Manila. These are Angat Dam, Ipo Dam, Hilltop water reservoir and La Mesa Dam. The collapse of these dams will compound the effect of probable tsunamis after the earthquake. Dam if you do, dam if you don’t.

    * * *

    I am reposting my article in our fraternity’s website. Three years ago, six of us trekked to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for a five-day photo shoot. It was a magical experience for all of us. With all of us lugging our DSLRs and backpacks, we all agreed it was well worth it. Here it is:

    Superlatives were heaped into this magnificent work of art but failed miserably to do justice to fully describe its venerable immensity unless one sets foot in this hollowed ground of Arizona. Even Wikipedia’s technical description is not enough to unravel the majesty of this geographical dot in planet earth.

    The Artist Creator, with his playful hands, showed humankind how to make a sculpture by using powerful carving tools such as earth, air and water and uses the moon, the stars, dawns and sunsets to provide the studio lights.

    Grand Canyon is His fiefdom…his open-sky court where millions of vassals pay homage to the nobility of his artwork—including six UP Betans who banded and bonded together in a very memorable five-day trip. One cannot help but sense an awkward feeling of transformation as if when you arrive, you thought you were a seven-foot-giant but after spending a few minutes, you suddenly realize that you are just millimeters short—a tiny speck of dust in this gaping hole.

    Watching Grand Canyon is like peeping into a kaleidoscope—the unpredictable symphony of colors accompanied by heartbeats as they change mischievously throughout the day—as documented by our lenses. The Great Artist has been carving these rocks for hundreds of millions of years yet he seems not pleased yet as he continues to chisel the artwork up to the present.

    Who knows, maybe it’s his way of relaying his joy of being visited by those close to his heart. The six Betans left with that joy and a piece of Grand Canyon in their hearts that will surely stay there forever.

    * * *

    The UN rapporteur for human rights and other similar international representatives should not take a jaundiced look at our war on drugs. Once, a foreign correspondent parachuted into the country and selectively featured the family of the “victims” of the government campaign although there were admissions that those victims were drug users and distributors.

    He could have made an effort to get the side of the family of the grandfather who was hammered to death by his grandson, a girl gang- raped and murdered in a subdivision and the tales of the families of the policemen shot dead during encounters. So much for intervention.

    Clearly, there was an objective in his mission. He was blind to the bigger numbers affected by the drug menace. He could have interviewed both sides, including that of the law enforcers, but this was not done and insinuated in the end that “foul play” was the cause of deaths and sprinkled those reports with tears of grief and anguish. Such rushed and incomplete data gathered definitely neglected the human rights of the real victims in our society.

    * * *

    Easy ways to detect fake news:
    – Read beyond the headlines
    – Check the author’s credibility and experience.
    – Check the support base and source.
    – Check the date.
    – Ask yourself “Is this some kind of joke or a satire?”
    – Consult the experts directly involved.
    – And the most difficult: Check your biases.

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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