• Light moments with PAO chief



    Few days before the arrest of Senator Leila De Lima, Caveat was privy to a casual tete-a-tete with the chief of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Persida Rueda-Acosta together with some members of the entertainment press headed by the president of the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Fernan De Guzman.

    It was sort of her reunion with movie writers, some of whom have pending or ongoing libel suits. It was an occasion as well where she said that indigent relatives of writers in dire need of free services of a lawyer can be availed of thru the agency she heads.

    Some media people joined the affair without specific agenda in mind except to chill-out with the lady chief who had won the hearts of many entertainment writers being a showbiz celebrity herself.

    Chief Acosta was unanimously voted Darling of the Press in the past by members of the PMPC, speaking volumes of her like-mindedness and kinship with the entertainment press.

    The TV shows she hosted in the past as part of PAO’s campaign to bring social justice down to the level of the poor man’s understanding of one’s basic human rights have been acknowledged as a breakthrough in public service shows designed to inform and educate more than entertain.

    Toward this notion, she has taken it upon herself to even act in several movies that advocated respect for the law and rights of persons above all.

    She appeared as a prudent judge in an indie film Maratabat by director Arlyn Dela Cruz which won an award in Brooklyn International Film Festival, New York. She played similar role dispensing justice to the victim of a gang rape played by Andi Eigenmann in the remake of Lino Brocka’s film Angela Markado directed by Carlo Caparas.

    In hindsight, her educational and entertaining TV shows have been acknowledged and enthroned several times on a pedestal among the top prestigious award-giving bodies in the country including the PMPC Star Awards for TV and public service award from Gawad America Foundation based in California.

    One reporter who has observed her penchant for the color yellow wondered and asked if she is a “yellow movement” supporter to which she categorically clarified, that yellow said color has been her favorite since childhood because it enhances her fair-skin beauty. And that she is for political correctness rather than color affiliation.

    A hypothetical question was shot: “As a woman what would you have felt if you were in Senator de Lima’s shoes?”

    Without batting an eyelash the lady chief shot back like some naïve waif, “I don’t know how I would feel because I don’t have a driver for a lover, and maybe you just have to ask her yourself.”

    Some naughty chuckles ensued. Fast forward to a few days after De Lima was sent to the slammer. And the plot for all and sundry is now taking surprising twists and turns.


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