Lights, looks and love abound at Rustan’s ‘Disco Love’

Hosts Sam YG and Tony Toni

Hosts Sam YG and Tony Toni

There was a time when life went on maximum swing on weekends, where lights flash in an explosion of glitter and glamour, when ladies looked their killer best and gents dressed to impress, when dancing the blues away meant swaying to wild abandon, and disco music reigned supreme.

Rustan’s recently celebrated the love and longing for the glory days of disco, and the dress code that made it all the more happening, as the metro’s young and hip set forth on a trendy time machine back to the 80s, courtesy of the country’s finest fashion and lifestyle hub.

In an electrifying night, no less, made more pulsating with the trippy tunes of Deuce Manila and She’s Only Sixteen, Rustan’s must-have Young Contemporary Fashion brands like U, Insight, Seafolly, Doll House, Flying Tomato, Nike, Havaianas, Toms and Outdoor Products, came alive in the most groundbreaking fashion party to hit this year, delivering ample doses of loud colors and clashing prints that came heavy on individual style like the music, the hair, and the decade that very well inspired it.

Hosted by boom-box bachelors, Sam YG and Tony Toni, the well-dressed attendees were treated to a rainbow of cocktails and confections, as well as exciting awards and prizes that made the night all the more super-charged. Ashleigh Rye bagged the Totally Radical Outfit Award, as international rap icon Apl.De.Ap bagged the Totally Tubular Jock Award. JP Singson snagged the honor for the night’s Totally Sleek Geek Male, while young lookers AJ Hanson and Jessica Kienle snapped the Totally Bold King of the Night and Totally Edgy Queen of the Night titles, respectively.

By celebrating the style, the sounds, the moves and the feel of the times, Rustan’s “Disco Love” reminded everyone, especially the young and the hip, how it is to have fun by looking great, living a little, and loving a whole lot—by adding a bit of disco in our lives.


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