Lightweight monster


Located outside of Dortmund is a company that has a passion for transforming street cars into lightweight monsters. Carbonfiber Dynamics is a known throughout Europe for its carbon fiber parts, and this time, built this BMW M4 into a track happy car with some strategic changes to the body panels and engine, which now pumps out a healthy 700 bhp. Considerable weight reduction was the key to maximizing the car’s overall performance.

The object of their passion is the BMW F82, better known as M4 for mortals like us. Carbonfiber Dynamics made visible changes to the front end with this carbon fiber Varis Carbon front lip making it more aggressive and the perfect fit increases the car’s surface pressure on the front axle. . With only a small aerodynamic effect, the Varis Carbon side sills are the optical junction between front lip and diffuser. The latter, in its turn, is a completely made of Varis Carbon fiber highly-functional System-1 diffuser, covering the rear floor assembly together with exhaust system, thus warranting for more surface pressure on the rear axle. The rear apron, to be compared with a performance diffuser, is more likely for look than for function. The adjustable carbon fiber rear wing “Made in Germany” by Alpha-N is likewise efficient concerning the surface pressure on the rear axle, as it is an eye-catching element of the vehicle’s visual presence.

The Dortmund Carbonfiber Dynamics crew also performed motor and suspension modifications for the car to feel and handle like a train on rails during track days. A Burger Motorsport JB4 was installed that can be tuned and adjusted, eight different maps (performance from everyday use to racing, low torque, meth), meth command (when meth empty, then less of manifold pressure) including Delete R (down pipe) and AGA valve command. The enlarged air inlet, also coming from Burger Motorsport, is fitted with mushroom shaped filters. Burger also manufactures the aluminum charge pipes with meth adapter (the original parts are made of plastics and crack under higher charge air pressure) and the meth-kit with a nine-liter tank and 50/50 mix (commanded via JB4). In charge of putting more air into the engine is TurboEngineers company, which upgraded the stock turbo of the M4. The M4-charger TTE6xx has a bigger CNC milled compressor, a bigger turbine with turbine grinding, gap optimized compressor side, CNC milled compressor and turbine casing, and CNC ported intake manifold.

The Carbon Dynamics crew also installed a 3.2-kilogram Akrapovic down pipe, which ensures a power plus of 17.2 kW at 5,800 rpm or 28.7 Nm at 4,950 rpm, respectively. The Lightweight exhaust system, which is also “Made in Germany,” has a titanium made axle back exhaust (40-percent weight reduction compared with stainless steel) and a valve command for adaption to serial connector and four 8-mm stainless steel made mat end pipes govern 6.5 of more hp or 4.5 of more Nm in comparison to M4R. As fast as possible, a 14 discs Dodson Motorsport clutch will be installed, because it is dimensioned for 1,050 Nm of torque. Currently the M4 is running at almost 600 horsepower although the previous test runs were done at only 1.8 bar boost pressure. By increasing the boost to 2.3 bar and optimizing software plus petrol in combination with the usage of full methanol the targeted goal of 700 hp was achieved.

The M4 rides on massive 20-inch BBS platinum silver CI-R rims with a distinctive Y-shaped spokes. Thanks to the approved flow forming technology and spokes with relief milling, the CI-R rims become absolute light construction wheels with changeable stainless steel bumper buffer device. The wheels are wrapped with grippy Toyo Tires Proxes T1 sports tires. This tire set-up perfectly optimizes performance as it is matched with a prototype Bilstein B16 damptronic coilovers. This active suspension for this BMW-M4 chassis project with serial EDC (Electronic Damper Control) makes the car take corners faster and can go all out on straights without fear of losing control.



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