• Like PNoy, Sec. Abad makes and breaks promises casually


    THE great example President Aquino and his closest collaborator in the Cabinet, Department of Budget and Management, Sec. Florencio Abad, have been giving to the youth—and for that matter to their adoring fans of all ages—is how easy it is to casually make promises and just as casually break them.

    Over the radio and to interested parties, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s respected Mohagher Iqbal spoke about President Aquino’s having broken his promise to him and the other MILF leaders that he, the President, in effect would deliver the Bangsamoro sub-state Basic Law and the sub-state itself. Based on Mr. Iqbal’s words, we in The Manila Times published the accurate front page banner story “Iqbal: Aquino broke his promise” on Friday August 8. Later, the Palace and its OPAPP people must have requested Mr. Iqbal to make a retraction and make our August 8 headline seem wrong, in the sense that Mr. Iqbal never accused President Aquino of breaking promises.

    So the Honorable Mohagher Iqbal dutifully spoke to some journalists in Mindanao and our own correspondent, Jalmunir Jannaral, saying, in effect, that he did not say President would ever do such a dirty thing but that he only said blah blah blah blah and blah.

    Those who heard the words he uttered on DZRH and maybe other radio stations know the truth. So do the people in the Palace—maybe even President Aquino himself. But everybody seems to be happy when problems are papered over and gracious mendacity prevails. Maybe including us at The Times. LOL, as the Facebook and Twitter generation would say. And that is why we had that banner yesterday, Tuesday, August 12, “After 10-day marathon talks—Prospects bright for Bangsa law passage.”

    We were not being mealy-mouthed. The prospects of BBL passage are really brighter now than when our Friday banner had the story “Iqbal: Aquino broke his promise.”

    The real story is that there are still major areas of disagreement and the best that could be done, after the 10-day talks, is that Mr. Iqbal and his counterpart, Madam Coronel-Ferrer, would go back to their principals to inform them of the problems. The principals are, of course, for Madam Coronel-Ferrer President Aquino. And for Ustadz Iqbal, it’s MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad Ebrahim.

    Mr. Aquno has broken every promise he has made to us the people, his “Boss”—including the creation of a new Philippines treading the straight and righteous path (Tuwid na Daan), a prosperous country governed by virtuous officials because kung walang kurap, walang mahirap (when there are no corrupt officials, there is no poverty) and a transparent government because there will be a Freedom of Information Act.

    And that is why it doesn’t surprise us that 18 days after he promised the senators (in particular Senators Nancy Binay, Grace Poe and Ralph Recto), on nationwide TV, during the Senate hearing on the DAP on July 24, that he would submit DAP documents—to show that he was not lying and that everything about the DAP money and its release was aboveboard—Secretary Florencio Abad has not submitted the SAROs and other documents he was asked to produce.

    Abad’s reneging on his promise indicates that there has really been a lot of hanky-panky.


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    1. PROMISES is just an ordinary word for Abnoy and Abad, no real meaning sa totoong buhay. Well, if we are to talk about guns, cars, marlboro, and the most popular of all, computer games, dyan sya patay na patay…chicks ba?, I dont think so unless we are talking about chicken joy.

    2. Reason why not only PoNoy but Abad and the rest of their allies having been lying, fooling the public and making false promises is because he yellow media and their propagandists keep on mouthing how good this President is, how successful he is, how the economy has meteorized, blah, blah, blah. It also showcases the fact that this administration is hiding so many relevant and sensitive information with regards to their rape and prostitution of public money.

    3. Listen Aquino, Abad, and all of team pork are in trouble. They need to make sure that retain some kind of power in 2016 and beyond or they may all end up in jail. So as they have done in the past, they will do anything to get their way. Keep up the pressure and soon we will see more spill they beans on the illegal ways of the “more guilty”. Tinio is not part of team pork. He is one of the good guys.

    4. Cres Malifier on

      Very very true.
      The latest very very big lie exposed is that pork barrel for congressmen has never been abolished as claimed by Aquino and Abad. Congressman Tinio revealed the testimonies of the CHED chief and a USEC of the Health Department. Now the greedy and anti-Philippine Good Governance alliles of Aquino are making Rep. Tinio look bad for squealing of their “execuitive session/”
      E, illegal naman yung “executive session” na yon. Kasi “executive” meaning secret sessions in Congress are only for issues related to national security, di ba?
      Talagang binaluktot na ng mga Aquino people ang Constitution at mga batas!

    5. What is new with A-BAD and PNOY. They are both untrustworthy, unreliable, not accountable, not transparent, etc. etc.

    6. They cannot do what is right now. The President and his allies are very much preoccupied with how they formulate their strategies to ensure that their protege will win in 2016 to save their asses after their term.