• Lim calls it quits

    Customs Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence retired Brig. General Danny Lim

    Customs Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence retired Brig. General Danny Lim

    Customs Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence retired Brig. General Danny Lim has called it quits and will submit his resignation to President Benigno Aquino 3rd today, a well-placed source told The Manila Times.

    The source said Lim has become frustrated after his efforts to run after smugglers was undermined by some people in high places at the bureau. There were instances when the criminals were able to elude arrest after weeks of surveillance because of the collusion between the smugglers and some customs people, the source added.

    The problem, according to the informant, is operational. Before any raid or arrest could be effected, an Alert Order is sent by the Intelligence Unit to the Commissioner for his approval. The space between the sending and the signing of the form is so wide that before the order could be approved by the Commissioner, someone at the bureau tips off the smugglers of the impending interdiction giving them time to clean up the place so that by the time the customs police arrive, the area has already been emptied of the contraband.

    Lim said he is up against political heavyweights and that he needs the support of the Commissioner and the President in his fight against the smugglers to be successful.

    He said that “he can’t fight city hall alone.” The Customs bureau is infested with political appointees or officials backed up by politicians, some Cabinet members, and some individuals close to the Palace, the Times informant said.

    “He tried to resign six times over the 3-year period and had asked the President to take him out of customs and assign him elsewhere. Anywhere, huwag lang daw Customs,” the source said. Lim was however advised “to stay put until such time that a vacancy in another government office presents itself,” the source added, quoting Lim.

    He said that “for as long as Biazon is at the helm of Customs Bureau, nothing will ever change.”

    The source said Lim was so disgusted over the decision of Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Ruffy Biazon to remain in his post even after he and the bureau were derided and shamed by the President on Monday in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) for gross incompetence and corrupt practices.

    “Any self-respecting person would have tendered his irrevocable resignation for being publicly humiliated by your boss,” the source added. He said Biazon’s decision to stay on was, for Lim, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Biazon has been the subject of complaints from various industry leaders for uncontrolled smuggling at the ports. The livestock and poultry raisers for one, are up in arms against the Customs chief for his failure to curb smuggling. Some P3.7 billion is lost to technical smuggling of poultry and livestock. Another P200 billion is lost annually due to smuggling, figures from the Department of Finance would show.

    The Automotive Association of the Philippines has likewise brought to the attention of Biazon the problem of unabated smuggling of cars through Subic Freeport, Port of Irene in Cagayan and Cebu. Rice traders are also in no mood to see the Commissioner remain in his post.

    The case of the 2,000 40-footer container vans that were spirited out of the customs zone without paying the duties and taxes remains unresolved.

    When Biazon took over Customs from then Commissioner Angelito Alvarez, public expectations were high that he would be able to identify the people behind the heist and file criminal charges against them in court. No such thing happened. Nothing is being said about the missing container vans anymore. It is as if the Customs Bureau is suffering from amnesia.

    By resigning, Gen. Lim is hoping that others in the bureau, particularly Biazon, would also tender their irrevocable resignations to the President. That way, the President would have a free hand and a fresh start by appointing new faces to the bureau, people with impeccable credentials and proven integrity, the Times informant said, again quoting Lim.


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    1. Baka naman kaya AYAW ni PNOY mag resign si Ruffy ay meron kickback o BALATO o CUT si PNOY, kaya? Believe na sana ako pero, eto na naman ang evidence.
      Tuwid na daan o malubak na daan. Marcos means more corruption NOT more roads kaya, ayun, baga na yung kaluluwa ni makoy sa impierno kasama si Hilter, Saddam, Pinochet, Khadafi at iba pa.

    2. Azniro Anaici on

      The President is making a big mistake in accepting the resignation of Gen. Lim and not accepting the resignation of Mr. Biazon. In spite of many complaints against the Custom Commissioner Biazon, still he gets the support of the President; whereas, the courtesy resignation of the Deputy Commissioner Lim who could not institute and implement his procedural method of cleansing his areas of responsibilities without approval from the Commissioner was out-rightly approved by the President. This is strange because it means that Mr. Biazon has a very strong connection. Gen. Lim is a self-made-man with no connection at all, and who wanted things to be done correctly, which was why he fought against the administration of the Ex-President Gloria Arroyo due to corruptions in the AFP in those days. It appeared that respect of authority within the realm of logic had been instilled in and on the mind of Gen. Lim for which he got from his stint in the Military Academy. May God bless you Mr. Lim for doing your job well done.

    3. Dapat, noong nawala a alng yong 2,000 container vans, sinipa na si Biazon. Ang kailangan dyan sa BOC ay si Mayor Duterte.Palutangin sa Pasig River ang mga walanghiya na naghahari sa Customs at untouchable. Pinaiikutan lang si Biazon. President Noy, please tangapin mo na ang resignation ni Biazon. Wala siyang alam. Grabe na ang corruption sa Customs. Pugad ng mga ahas yan. Di naman totooo na yong tatay niya ang nag save sa administration ni Pres. Cory. wala kang utang sa kanya.

    4. What about the other deputy commissioners and customs collectors who are likewise presidential appointees, are they not going to tender their resignation letters for DELICADEZA ?

      Somehow, the commissioner should be firm in his decision to implement his modernization plan or he will be held responsible for all the “corruptions” in BoC. Being the Head of Customs, he is primarily liable and accountable for everything.

      He should first evaluate everyone right inside his office.

      For example: He should have not made his task force react very powerful to the point of allowing its staff to get hold of important documents by a mere phone call. “Buti pa ang korte pag kailangan ng evidences nagpapadala ng subpoena duces tecum. Ang TF REACT, which was created by a mere office order signed by Comm Biazon, daig ang lahat ng offices created by Executive Orders and Republic Acts. Pinipilahan sa Office of the Commissioner dahil sa lahat halos lahat na yata ng shipments ay kailangan daw ng clearance from them. Kaya lang kung magsipasok sa office nila ay late na or minsan di pa dumadating.

      Comm, please put your house in order first, before putting the blames to the frontliners. Kilalanin mo totoong katauhan ng mga nasa paligid mo…..

    5. if Lim is really serious in his service for the people he should not quit in his post, he must be an instrument for change specially in his agency…gusto lang pala nya easy life, he was brave during the past administration but nagiging coward sya ngayon…dito makita gaano sila ka tutuong tao, even trillanes tahimik lang sa mga katiwali-an ngayon sa Gobyerno!

    6. Poor Ruffy, di nya alam kung ano ang tumama sa kanya !!!
      Ibinigay mo ang pamamahla ng customs kay ariel, alex, deo, etc.
      Puro outsiders ang nagpatakbo ng bureau.

      Customs can be graft-free.
      Marami dyan nasa tabi-tabi lang, matatalino, ma technical, at buo ang dibdib na labanan ang poliital pressures. Ang problema, wala silang politial connections para ma appoint o ayaw nilang pumasok sa bureau dahil mapapatay lang sila pag ginawa nila ang tama.

    7. The President should appoint Ping Lacson as the Commissioner of BOC to go after corrupt officials.

      • Korek ka dyan, Ping as BOC commissioner. Tingnan natin kung may itlog ba siyang buwagin ang katiwalian dyan.

    8. kaya hindi ititnuloy ni Ruffy Biazon ang pag re-resign ay may malaking banga ng kayamanan diyan na hindi niya maiwanan.

      Well, can’t blame Benigno III for dismissing Ruffy Biazon resignation because doing so is tantamount to relinquishing his lone “KASIGARILYUHAN, KADALDALAN, KABARILAN, AT KAINUMAN. On the other hand, Salute to Gen. Lim for his exemplary work dedication and services.

      • Azniro Anaici on

        Gen. Lim is a West Point graduate. The products of U.S. Military Academy at West Point must passed through needles’ eyes for graduation making sure that they are the best in the military organization in the whole world who would be dedicated to their duties and responsibilities. He had to obey protocol and that is why he was frustrated that he could not do what was supposed to be rightly done. It was impossible for a person like Gen. LIm to get questionable orders from a person who couldn’t wear the boots of Gen. Lim.

    10. Isang Mamamayan on

      Severe problems in the BOC has prolonged for years. What do you think is the best solution to overcome the agony? Biazon who doesn’t have a word of honor just plainly acquire back his position after tendering his resignation in the BOC despite all the humiliations and unworthy proof in the Bureau known by the President. Lim on the other hand also resigns from his post. What do Filipinos think about these people who partly runs the government? Are they really worth it? How can the government compensate people for years in their service without any proven results in thier tasks and projects? Is there such a thing as ”PEFORMANCE EVALUATION” in the government departments? I honestly think that PNOY should take seriously implementing HR rules and regulations to all government employees especially with regard to evaluating his Cabinet Members and Leaders who are currently occupying these posts. This is an SOP to all multinational companies, SMEs and even start-up companies and all other corporations in any business set-up. This will definitely help leaders assess their own capability and performance within any Sector or Department in the Philippine government and would eventually avoid being bashed due to underperformance. Through this, it will also help them grow individually and eventually reflects in their own Department.

      Isa lang po itong opinion ng isang mamamayan na tulad ko na kasalukuyang nasa ibang bansa.

    11. yan ang may balls. di gaya ni ruffy. kinamot lang bumalik na agad. nakakahiya. tatay niya kasi ang defender ni cory nung araw kaya di mabitawan.

    12. Atty. Edgar L. Griño on

      Lesser mortals can’t do it.

      Give the BOC to Panfilo Lacson.

      He can do the job.

      • ernesto albay on

        Just give this position to Panfilo Lacson and we will see if these will really be cleaned up and served as MODEL for other goverment offices.

        let us place a petition to BSA to appoint Panfilo Lacson as replacement or BOC Commisioner.

      • ernesto albay on

        Just give this position to Panfilo Lacson and we will see if these will really be cleaned up and served as MODEL for other goverment offices.

        let us place a petition to BSA to appoint Panfilo Lacson as replacement or BOC Commisioner.

    13. whoever will lead the BOC will be having he hardtime to clean up the mess because of the three musketeers untouchable to BUREAU OF CUSTOMS why PRESIDENT PNOY will give a chanced to select his own man to patrol and checked the area and not being appointed to whoever endorsed by some ally close to the PRESIDENT its time for RUFFY BIAZON to run BOC with iron fist.

    14. Ano ang talaga ang dahilan at ayaw magresign si Ruffy? Si lim my delacadesa Magreresign daw? Bakit ayaw ibunyag ng mga ito kung sino yang mga politikong iyan? Bakiy???. Ah alam ko na kasalanan ni gloria yan.

    15. Let us applaud Gen. Danny Lim for his decision. He is an example of a government official who treats his job very seriously, regardless the complicity of all the politics and politicians who are there to cross his path including businessmen favored by this administration. I thought Gen. Lim would be one in the likes of Honasan, Lacson and Trillanes who transformed themselves as military men turned politicians. I hope he will not fall into the same trap as these three who became notorious traditional politicians (tradpols). Gen. Lim, you will be missed in government services as a respectable, honorable man.

    16. WJGBalderama on

      I think what Danny Lim wants is to be Commissioner himself. He was expecting PNoy to fire the Commissioner so he could move up.

    17. WJGBalderama on

      Why won’t the Deputy work with the Commissioner to clean up Customs? Ruffy Biazon has submitted various ideas on reform. Has Lim weighed in on these? No. This is not a turf fight.

    18. I quote the times“ Customs are infested with political appointees and with people close to palace and with cabinet officials“, in this case smugglers close to noynoy are in the customs office infesting. Noynoy makes some hypocritical speech in the Sona ( pakitang tao lang) about corruption, Biazon knows something that he can`t leaved the Customs office. Gen Lim shake the tree already, will see who`s next to spill the bean.

    19. Sino ba itong “political appointees or officials backed up by politicians, some Cabinet members, and some individuals close to the Palace”? Dapat ilantad ito. Tama ang hinala ng lahat na KKK ang may kagagawan ng smuggling.

    20. O hayan na lumabas na ang totoo.kahit na binanatan ni PNOY si Ruffy kunwa-kunwarian lang pala. Si Gen. Lim na alam ang kahulugan ng Honor Code ay nagbitiw na. The logical and correct thing to do now is stand firm and do not waver in your decision to call it quits. PNOY and Biazon are both both LP members so the blood that runs in their veins is the same.

    21. Voice from the Wilderness on

      It seems that Biazon had difficulty reading the handwriting on the wall that he insist on clinging to his post or “kapit tuko.”