Lim clams up


Customs Deputy Commissioner Danilo Lim on Friday chose to keep silent, ignoring calls for him to name the protectors of corrupt officials in the agency.

Reminded of his promise to name “the powerful forces” he had hinted at earlier, Lim said he would divulge their identifies at the right time and in the proper forum. He also said he would compare notes with another deputy commissioner, Juan Lorenzo Tanada, to make sure they have the same list of people who have been interfering with Custom’s internal affairs.

Observers found it rather uncharacteristic of the retired general, who is known for his uncompromising stance on many issues, to keep things to himself. It is corruption, after all, that drove him to mount several coup attempts against the three previous administration.

Lim explained he usually receive calls or requests for favors in behalf of importers with shipments under process at Customs,  and he finds it very difficult to refuse them because of their powerful positions in the government.

He refused to name the branches or agencies of the government these powerful people they are assigned in, though.

Lim and Tanada said politicians and high Palace officials interfere in the affairs of the customs bureau, either facilitating the release of questionable shipments or interceding for the retention of Customs official in their present posts

The two officials had filed their resignations, but the President has yet to act on them.


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  1. This time around (Gen. Lim) has the opportunity to do what he was fighting for… I do hope he still has the guts to do what he professes before or he is also the same with most politicians when already in their post… also greedy… nakakahawa talaga so dapat huwag magpahawa… kung di kakainin mo rin ang lahat na sinabi mo noong una at magiging kurakot ka rin katulad nila. Leniency begets more corruption and tolerance breeds more corruption.

  2. Diego Lucero on

    BOC’s version of the “Three Monkeys”:

    Biazon – See no Evil
    Tanada – Hear no Evil
    Lim – Speak no Evil

  3. Lim should speak up now and name names of those he claimed as ‘powerful forces’ that interferes in the affairs of BOC. As public official and ex general of the AFP, Lim has made an oath to defend and protect the constitution and the Republic.

  4. If Gen. Lim disclose all the anomallies inside the agency and identifies the personalities involved (inside and outside the bureau) then I salute him. This will be big deal for all since many powerful politicians may be involved. I just hope he has hard evidences to impeach/dismiss those who are involved and to finally stop the corruption. This move will make or break his career or his political ambition.

  5. Samuel Santos on

    This will be a litmus test for Mr. Lim’s true character. He’ll pass it with flying colors if he spills the beans, no matter who gets hurt.

  6. To showcase the “tuwid na daan” Gen Lim MUST open up now, regardless who gets run over. If he will invoke the statement of waiting to reveal his list in the right forum will invite political pressures around him.