• Lirio Salvador’s ‘Buffet of Sounds’


    Binge on sounds and visual offerings this month with “Buffet of Sounds: A Sonic and Visual Feast in Honor of Lirio Salvador” which will be exhibited at the National Commission on Culture and the Arts Gallery until March 2.

    Artist Lirio Salvador

    Buffet of Sounds is a “gastrosonic” event that will showcase selected works of Lirio in a buffet, eat-all-you-can setting set in an aural-sculptural, omnium-gatherum, sound installation environment.

    The show is an interesting proof of the complex sounds and noises resembling a picturesque association of the human situation in which people find themselves at a given time.

    As a homage to Lirio Salvador and to render this reference as functional as possible, selected artists with a predilection for exploring sound in the contemporary sense are invited to cook up exciting interactive works that mix sound constructions, sonic sculptures, self-built instruments, found sounds and video. These are gathered together in a collective unfolding of creative potential while also enabling people to physically engage with the artworks.

    ‘Sandata ni Lirio 2 (2010) & Sandata ni Lirio 3 (2010)

    The selection (composed of Jon Romero, Tad Ermitanio, Chris Garcimo, Stanley Castelo and Seido Toshiyuki) is a banding together of sound artists who have worked or somehow collaborated with Lirio, sound artists who are active in the exploration of alternative/experimental art and expanding the way people view, feel, hear and engage with art.


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