Listen to Lopez, Duterte urges CA


President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday expressed his support for Environment Secretary Regina Paz “Gina” Lopez who will again face the Commission on Appointments (CA) on Wednesday.

In a speech during the Department of Agriculture’s event in Malacañang, Duterte appealed to the CA to “listen” to Lopez.

“You know, you just cannot ignore also the cries of Gina Lopez. I know that we get something like P70 billion in taxes from mining. But you should also allow Gina to present her case. And I would like to ask Congress to look at it closely and she would show you how devastated the environment is,” Duterte said.

The President said he hoped a “happy compromise” would be struck “more on the side of protecting the public interest.”

“I want my country to earn so I’m not saying that I’m against mining per se, that I’m against big mining — far from that actually. I know that we need the dollars but somehow we have to look at the other way, in a different perspective, so just look at it,” he said.

The mining industry had protested Lopez’s decision to shut down or suspend 28 mines and her threat to cancel up to 75 contracts, saying they were denied due process.

Duterte said the Philippines would face a “crisis” if mining is allowed without controls.

“We have to I think come up with a code or a set of whatever, protocol of how to go about controlling mining,” he said.

Rough ride for Yasay

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., who will also face the CA today, is likely to be grilled over his allegedUS citizenship.

Yasay’s confirmation has been deferred because of questions on his citizenship following reports that he is a holder of a US passport.

Yasay had maintained that he only owns a passport issued by the Philippine government.

He also told the CA that he never acquired US citizenship, although he admitted applying for naturalization and for a green card.

But in a television interview Monday, the foreign affairs secretary admitted being issued an American passport.

“I had an American passport but that has already been returned together with my naturalization certificate,” Yasay said.

Senator Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the CA committee on foreign affairs, said that many members of the panel are expected to question Yasay on the issue, particularly on his conflicting statements about his passport.

“There is a concern that he lied to the committee but I don’t think that constitutes perjury. We will see tomorrow how he will response to question regarding his citizenship,” Lacson said in an interview.

Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd said that the chance of Yasay to get the panel’s nod could be bleak.

“If you can lie to the commission, you can lie to the people. At the moment it’s likely that he will have difficulty with the CA because of that particular incident,” Sotto said.

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd agreed that Yasay may have committed a serious offense but the CA will give him the chance to explain the inconsistencies in his statements.



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  1. Jose Samilin on

    Mr. Perfecto Yasay will exert the utmost effort to defend himself, because of the fact, he lied and he cannot avoid not to lie because, to my knowledge, he has not completely divested himself of his real and personal property that he is being attached to (the alleged real property in Hawaii and his US Citizenship, revocation seem still not effected) In other words his show of perfect and undivided loyalty to his country is merely superficial and material, in contrast to a formal and substantial which unfortunately, will not happen or will never happen because of the current and material attachment. Lies in him is fully embedded in the whole of his human body that cannot be denied on the basis of his argument alone when he tried to defend himself on the simple question of citizenship. Noticeable is his defense citing the most intricacies of the law and it’s fine prints in the law books or as if he is he is tried in a setting of a criminal case that beyond reasonable doubt is seriously needed in order for him to be confirmed, sorry, no sir, mere prima facie evidence is needed by the Commission to decline your appointment. I have known this type of arguments when a person hide serious defects, in many of the jury trials in the United States Territory as a retired forensic auditor admitted by the High Court as its expert witness. There is no other way, unless Yasay’s blood can be fully drained and perfectly new blood is infused, so that the blood flowing in the periphery stem cells around his heart is hanged. Also complete divestment of his real and personal interest in the United States is a must, in order for Yasay to be fully objective, in the highest level of objectivity which is called “detached objectivity” and independence in the exercise of his function as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, especially in the highly critical situation of US-RP relation. You could not find that qualification with Mr. Perfecto Yasay, he must decrease, while others should increase.

  2. matino na noypi on

    Yasay’s passport along with his naturalization papers has been returned, meaning, he is back again as a Filipino citizen. That is the reason why he only now have a Philippine Passport, issued by Department of Foreign Affairs, dito sa Pinas, hindi sa State Department ng U.S. Remember Grace Poe? What happened or what occurred in the past should be irrelevant because he is a Filipino passport holder today, meaning at present time. So, maybe he told the CA senators a little bit of a “white lie”, and these morons shouldn’t make a big f**kin’ deal out of it. They should confirm him soonest and let him go back to work because the country needs him; his knowledge and expertise in diplomacy will be benefited by thousands of our OFWs and also the alter ego of Filipino people. There are still tons of work that need to be dealt with, hopefully with a higher success rate. Go ahead, make his day!!

  3. Kung maka sabi ng nag lie ang mga senador akala mo mga banal. Lintek simula ng naging pulitiko kayo puro na kasinungalingan ang pinagsasasabi nyo lalo na pag kampanya. Sinungaling galit sa kapwa sinungaling