• Lists and EDCA


    In Manila, there is talk of kuligligs for transport.

    In Naga they now have taxicles.

    In Manila Tri-Sikads.

    In Japan and South Korea they use Lexus and Hyundai with state-of-the-art thingamajigs. The Japanese continue to have problems dealing with the Fukushima nuke plan.

    Why is Sec. Petilla saying that putting on line the Bataan nuke plant is PNoy’s call? It seems to me it is his task to show that the plant is not beyond economic repair and then report to the invisible Little Prez, Paquito Ochoa, to report to PNoy, on the banks of the Pasig, where MMDA Chair Tolentino sees another mode of transport.

    But mega-millions may be required to clean up the river.

    Pasig and the esteros may have been used for transport before but can’t be now, not in their present shape. Example: Tripa de Gallina, near where I live, separating Makati from Pasay, or San Beda Manila, where I teach, across the estero, are the homes of informal settlers who have been through many Yolandas. Many of our countrymen live in tiny, tiny places in the sun, including those near San Beda.

    San Beda is where Danding Cojuangco stayed for a year after World War II. Grade School ‘46. Ninoy Aquino enrolled in High School in 1945, and finished in three years, in a special program for those in a hurry.

    This, I have known for a long time. But, I just found another, serendipitously. Last Friday, a client‘s rep, Bong Mayo, and I dined in Forbes in Speaker Joe de Venecia’s manse to talk of settling a business problem in Pangasinan.

    Among what we were gifted with was a bio of the man, with this fascinating vignette:

    “The boy [Joe de V] grew into a young man, and his studies took a crucial turn. Rejoining his father in Bayombong, he spent his sophomore high school year there after spending a year at San Beda College in Manila; . . .” B. Decker, Global Filipino 24 (2008).

    Ninoy, having spent three years to Joe’s three, was to me, the superior blarneyer, but maybe not by very much. Makwento in a charming riveting informative Benedictine way. In that Forbes manse, I overlooked asking the Global Filipino about his take on Edca.

    At the risk of Prez Cory and my wife Dulce making kalmot my paa, I was among those who sued re Edca last Monday in the Supreme Court (SC), along with, among others, Bobby Tanada and Steve Salonga, son of Uncle Jovy, who primo Steve said, may go any moment even before turning 94 on June 22. It is hard for me to talk a lot about what I have not seen (surprising perhaps for a columnist, who Arthur Hoppe defined is one who having seen something in the papers he does not understand, will proceed to explain it).

    In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who has seen EDCA. Para po kami talagang humihila ng bayawak sa lungga. A group of us went to the Supreme Court this week to the kumpas of Harry Roque, now peregrinating.

    I got calls from here and abroad but I could not really explain Edca the way columnist Hoppe would.

    The Roque petition was followed by the Olalia-led plea and then MABINI, qua MABINI, would weigh in. I am still polling the survivors, the Attys. who are also MDs; Masasamang Damo.

    We will file in our institutional or individual personal capacities.

    I think for my part that EDCA did not follow Sec. 21 of Art. VII of the Constitution which says: “No treaty of international agreement shall be valid and effective unless concurred in by at least two-thirds of all the Members of the Senate.” Nor Sec. 3 of Art. XXV of the Constitution, which says: “All existing treaties or international agreements which have not been ratified shall not be renewed or extended without the concurrence of at least two-thirds of all the Members of the Senate.” Nor Sec. 25: “After the expiration of the [bases agreement], foreign military bases, troops or facilities shall not be allowed in the Philippines except under a treaty concurred in by the Senate. . . .”

    Both local, here, through obiter dicta, and American (authoritative) jurisprudence has language that the local issuance has “superior sanctity.” If we won’t obey our own Constitution, who will?

    But while anyone can say an act or a law is unconstitutional, only the Supreme Court can so declare with finality and its errors become the law of the land.

    * * *

    MABINI’s Jun Factoran and I may also go to court for the prisoners in Munti and Correctional as government is not giving R.A. No. 10592 retroactive effect on Good Conduct Time Allowance. This posture contradicts the doctrine or policy that laws favorable to an accused or a convict shall retroact. We need to decongest our overcrowded detention facilities.

    We may also need space for pork barrel accused who may have to be detained without bail.

    No one in the 1987-92 batch (ours) has so far been named.

    What else do I have to do to get on some list?

    In fact, all of us got our pork and used it prudently.

    Proof positive that pork is not toxic per se. It is very much in use in progressive USA.


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    1. 30may14

      with all due respect ex.sen. saguisag, every articles i read about EDCA states that it is an executive agreement and a not formal treaty…it therefore does not requires the consent from the senate of either country….and the US congress recognized that EDCA is an executive agreement that will last for ten years.. the main point of EDCA is the agreed use of specified locations by both parties….

      do you think ex. sen. saguisag that the US congress would let the US president to affect or signed a treaty ( as you would like EDCA to be classified ) without the US senate’s consent????. you are citing articles from our constitution that covers constitutional provisions on how to affect a permanent international treaties and agreement between two parties (country)… but EDCA is only an agreement (as the A stands for) for the use of our country’s assets.

      ex. sen. saguisag, your relevance to today geopolitical situation in our country have passed…you had the chance and the opportunity to make some real political reforms for the good of our people, but you “blew it”…it is time for you to step aside, and let the new “young turks” to take charge…for if you can not lead, or follow, better for you to get out of the way… better yet, supplement your present hobby by writing your “memoire”…..

    2. Migs Doromal on


      Why not go to Ayungin island and show your support to the soldiers there manning that lonely outpost? And explain to them why you had to kick out the US bases in 1992 so the Chinese can come and invade our territories!

      I will spit on your grave as I would on Jovy Salonga’s.

      Nationalists, my arse!