• Lists, laws and sausages


    Last Tuesday, we had lunch in Nihon Bashitei. “We” meant Jun Factoran, Ceres Doyo, Rochit Tanedo, Sol Juvida, Sylvia Mayuga, Flor Marie “Neni” Sta. Romana Cruz, Gemma and Irwin Ver, Jo-Ann Maglipon and Karina Bolasco. Not much I can report here from that Gathering of DOP – Dirty Old People. Women – risque. Being MABINI lawyers Jun and I, saving graces, OK, ribald, sigue na nga, discussed helping Muntinlupa and Correctional Detainees obtain the benefit under the new excellent Good Conduct Time Allowance Law (R.A. No. 10592).

    Else, kwentohan.

    Tawanan. Kodakan. Pinoy na Pinoy. That’s what we are.

    Jun’s and my view which we briefly discussed, after our share of ribald tales, (his, I merely listened) is that the Department of Justice cannot amend R.A. No. 10592 by giving it only prospective application.

    We believe current prisoners, particularly the very old and sickly, should certainly benefit from the new law. It is hornbook doctrine that laws favorable to the accused or prisoners retroact. There is also the human and constitutional right to equal protection; there is no substantial difference we can see between present and future convicts.

    They should have equal opportunity for rehab, a paramount human and constitutional right. We should go in the direction of suspended sentences, night-time, weekend, and community service. Mike Tyson improved his vocabulary in prison. Convicted tax evader ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi of civilized Italy will do a year’s work of community service in an institution dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. He is punished, disgraced and harmed but not the institution. The billionaire’s age, 78, exempts him from imprisonment in Italy, and he will instead do unpaid social community work.

    The Senate of Recto, Laurel, Tanada, Diokno, Salonga, Sumulong, Roxas and Aquino deserves to be saved as an institution.

    Does Manny Pacquiao have the right to damage institutions? He has done it to the House, now he targets the PBA? Diyos na Mahabagin! Jojobama wants him on his Senate slate in 2016. Josme!

    Think of the next generations, not the next elections. Having once toiled in the Senate, I have to care for it instead of just hoping that my apos, eldest not quite six, will never know that their Lolo once worked there.

    Anyway, I am fanatical about the human and constitutional right to due process of anyone. Many Napol-ists? Arguably aping Toting Bunye’s memorable tactic, we now have more than one list. I understand Garci is now getting off due to the statute of limitations. Recall Toting holding two diskettes. It has worked for Garci. Will it work now in Napol-ist?

    Toting had appeared on nationwide TV holding two compact disks. He was let go – to be in the well-compensated Monetary Board. Is the current ploy from Toting’s playbook? Confuse everybody, foe and friend alike. Short memories. Now all that this envious Tigulang remembers from the Garci tapes is the horny Mahili-Makamandag

    Comelec Commissioner with raging hormones asking his delayed traffic-gridlocked kulasisi to “hurry, hurry, dalian mo.”

    The Senate hearing ng Lupon nga Lasong Bughaw is said to be in aid of legislation. What is going on reminds me of Bismarck’s warning on two things people should not see being made, laws and sausages (not even Lucban’s).

    Ping Lacson not reporting on Yolanda rehab, a 24/7 job, but doing something totally alien to his task. He should have done it quietly, warning the Cabinet Members, fraternally, about what he was complaining about, to reform, in the national interest, re Yolanda. They are on the same team. He can bring the matter to the Little Prez or the Prez himself. Nothing happens? Then he resigns instead of facing the media right off. The Cabinet should stop being a Circular Firing Squad. Having been with Rolando Abadilla, Ping may have a low regard for due process, a human and constitutional right about which I am fanatical.

    There are serious pork misuse (pork not toxic per se) allegations. But, as a human rights advocate, I presume innocence, under our lawyer’s oath, the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    I do not join hooting throngs, as a human being, a wait-a-minute lawyer and a Christian. I have been pummelled and pilloried from pillar to post, for instance, say for initially

    taking on the case of Hubert Webb, jailed for more than 15 year, when the high feelings of 1995 had quieted down.

    Justice and his Ongkiko lawyers prevailed.

    Anyway, in no list do I appear to be included. What else do I have to do for inclusion? No mention of the 1987-92 Senators when we had pork. Again, proof positive that pork is not toxic per se.

    Honest Ping and honest Joker Arroyo would not have anything to do with pork, leaving it to their colleagues in the Senate or in the executive to steal their share. Abolish the Senate? No way.

    We can’t have a cure worse than the disease.

    I don’t miss Macoy’s dictatorship. In 2016, return Ping and Joker. And Bobby Tanada, Joey Lina, Orly Mercado, et al.. Add Alex Padilla,Chel Diokno, Gibo Teodoro, Benny or Nene Tiamzon, Rudy Farinas, Gina de Venecia, Fredenil Castro and Leni Robredo.

    Not enough to point out an egg is rotten. We need to lay better ones.

    So your lists please.


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    1. The solution is kill all politicians –up to bottom — and elect people from the multinational companies operating in the country. Look at these companies and how they are managed by Filipinos. Did we hear any scandal from these multinationals? Rarely ! Meaning, almost all of them (Filipino executives) are honest.

    2. ed buenaventura on

      yes senator rene, is that person the son of gen.fabian ver?
      what is happening?

    3. BuwisBuhayOFW on

      Kung sino po sa mga kilala nyo na may integridad at malasakit sa ating Bayang Pilipinas na pwede nating ilukluk sa senado sa 2016…susuportahan ko po sa abot ng aking makakaya para ikampanya kilala man o hinde pa kilala ng Bayan.

    4. victor m. hernandez on

      Your list for the 2016 Senate is a good start. We need to vet your list. Best wishes.
      Yes, no need to throw the baby with the bathwater.

    5. Unless he promised to work for the repeal of that stupid law and apologized to the nation

    6. Joey Lina? Are you kidding me? The author of the infamous squatter law. No thanks.