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    Honda20150825If there is one thing that epitomizes the saying “big things come in small packages,” it is the Honda Click 125i. For years, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) only offered modest 110-cc scooters in their product line-up. When they finally came out with a 125 cc, they threw in a whole lot of class-leading features to give it a dominant presence in that particular segment.

    The Click 125i’s Idling Stop System (ISS) has to be its major selling point. Compared to the conventional engine that continuously consumes fuel once the engine is started, ISS eliminates wasteful fuel consumption by automatically switching the engine off after idling for 3 seconds at stop lights and other brief stops. This results in a claimed 64.3 kilometers per liter fuel consumption. When the light turns green, all you have to do is twist the throttle and the engine fires up in less than a second.

    The AC generator is exclusively developed for reliable frequent operation of the ISS. The engine is started via the same AC generator that is used to generate electricity and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a starter motor, thus there are no reduction gears and gear meshing noises… just smooth, quiet starts.

    The Click is the first and only motorcycle available locally that comes with this kind of technology, one that is not easily embraced by Filipino motorcyclists because of potential reliability and maintenance issues. Yet, for a couple of weeks, I pitted the ISS in the usual stop-and-go traffic situations and it worked every time. I suppose the winged logo does have great value. In any case, one can just flip a switch and just turn off the ISS if you don’t feel the need to save fuel.

    The Click 125i is powered by a 124.8-cubic centimeter liquid-cooled, single cylinder SOHC four-stroke mill that is equipped with Honda’s PGM-Fi system. While it is specifically designed for fuel efficiency, the little engine packs a heavy punch with an output of 8.4 kilowatts at 8,500 revolutions per minute and 11.16 Newton-meters of torque at 6,500 rpm. Indeed, the Click performed like a 150-cc during testing. Even with the radiator, Honda kept its weight low at 106 kilograms and this also contributed to the peppy acceleration. Handling is light and nimble, with the rake angled to allow a ridiculously tight turning radius. Filtering through gaps in traffic was such a breeze.

    Braking is as equally easy with the Combi-brake system, in which both front and rear brakes are applied by just pulling the left brake lever. In addition, the Click 125i also comes with other safety features like standard automatic Side Stand Switch, which automatically shuts-off the engine whenever the stand is engaged. Fat tubeless tires offer better traction and they also help maintain grip in the event of a puncture.

    Most of all, the Click 125i has dual LED headlights which are said to give 80 percent more illumination especially when riding at night.

    With all the bells and whistles Honda has incorporated in this little scoot, they were still able to manage an 18-liter under seat compartment, which stores most full-face helmets. It is even conveniently accessed with a press of a switch. This is a very relevant feature bacause some absent-minded riders, like yours truly, unintentionally leave the key inserted in the compartment lock keyhole. You wouldn’t want to have some lucky guy ride away with your P 87,900 investment.

    To further keep this from happening, Honda also equipped the Click 125i with a magnetic keyhole shutter to deter motorcycle thieves. To know more about the Honda Click 125i, visit www.hondaph.com.


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