Little to gain from Algieri fight

Peter Cariño

Conrad M. Cariño

I wonder whoever got the idea that Manny Pacquiao square off with new World Boxing Organization (WBO) light welterweight champion Chris Algieri, because the Filipino has little to gain and a lot to lose from the fight. Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight title will be on the line in the fight.

Consider these: I do not know if Algieri’s split decision win over Ruslan Provodnikov on June 14, 2014 is worth raving about, because Algieri finished the fight with a big lump on his face, and he was knocked down twice by the Russian in the first round.

Okay, Algieri recovered from the knockdowns and managed to eke out a split decision win, although one judge scored the fight at 109-117 for Provodnikov. Two judges had it 114-112 for Algieri.

But then, with eight knockouts in 20 wins (with no losses so far), Algieri, who is also climbing to 147 pounds or to welterweight to challenge Pacquiao, may even not pose a serious challenge to the Filipino.

A review of Algieri’s boxing record from shows that his knockouts were registered mostly over journeymen who had won 50 percent or less than their bouts when they faced the lanky fighter. A certain Rakeem Carter who Algieri knocked out in 2008 had no wins and three losses and three draws when he faced the American. Perhaps the most “respectable” opponent Algieri knocked out could be Winston Mathis, who touted a 7-4-1 record when he fought the American on March 31, 2012.

I wonder if feeding an up and coming boxer cream puffs and tomato cans can prepare him adequately to face an elite fighter.

Although Algieri does have a substantial five-inch reach advantage over Pacquiao and good boxing skills, the only proven way to beat Pacquiao is to counterpunch him the way Juan Manuel Mar–quez did. And the counter–puncher should also have respectable punching power, as proven by Marquez.

Remember that even if Pacquiao was knocked out by Marquez, the Filipino still he has a very sturdy chin until the Mexican unleashed one hell of a punch in the sixth round.

Perhaps the Pacquiao-Algieri fight is being peddled on opposites to make it interesting to fight fans, since Algieri towers over Pacquiao at 5’10” and the American is 30 years old or six years younger than Pacquiao. Also, Algieri was a kickboxing champion under the International Sport Karate Association and the World Kickboxing Association. Before turning to boxing professional boxing, Algieri compiled 20 wins and no losses as a kickboxer.

So is there any chance that Algieri can pose a stiff challenge to Pacquiao, or even defeat the Filipino? This could be possible if Algieri adds seven pounds of functional solid muscle to improve his punching power. And he has that luxury because he is climbing from 140 pounds or light welterweight to 147 pounds or welterweight to challenge Pacquiao.

So what if Algieri, with his improved punching power, beats Pacquiao. Well, expect me to be one of those who will be calling for Pacquiao’s immediate retirement from boxing.

It makes no sense anymore for Pacquiao to continue fighting if he loses to Algieri, because the junior welterweight and welterweight divisions are teeming with up and coming fighters who can hit: Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman and even Marcos Maidana. And you can even count in Adrien Broner.

Clearly, Pacquiao has little to gain and so much to lose in his fight with Algieri.


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  1. I think u can’t underestimate Chris Algiere because Ruslan Provodnikov is in the level of Manny and what he showed the world in beating Ruslan (getting knocked down Ruslan 2x in the first round and fighting with only one eye is unbelievable).

  2. It really makes me laugh, im always on boxing news 24 & every pinoy boxing fan always raves about how fearlees manny pacquiao is, how he will fight anyone from almost any weight. Then we have team pacquiao before his opponents are named always name drop saying things like mannys next opponent could be canelo alvarez, lara, thurman, cotto just to name a few. After algieri ( ha ha ha ha ) i have to laugh when i hear him now matched with manny, beat ruslan i said there is mannys next opponent. It was just so obvious. But team pac wanted to get everyones saliva running by name dropping fighters who have a very good chance of beating him when they have no intention of fighting those guys. Do you know manny has only faced 1 welterweight in 3 years. It will be over 4 years before his next fight after algieri ( ha ha ha ha ). I dont know about you but instead of calling manny the pride of the philippines it should be changed to the laughing stock of the philippines. You have done right in pointing out that algieri ( ha ha ha ah ) hasnt fought anyone at all other than ruslan, so how on earth does he qualify to fight for mannys world title. If this isnt cherry picking at its worst ( just like danny garcia’s next fight also ). No wonder manny is fighting in china as i dont know of a single american who would buy a ticket or pay for ppv to watch this fight. So if it were held in vegas it would only be pinoys ( as they dont care who he fights as long as he wins, if he fought rigo at 147 they would be very happy ) who bought tickets to watch the fight. No true boxing fan will purchase tickets for this fight or ppv as its a joke. Its a mismatch. A lamb fed to the lions. If manny pac thinks this fight will help him get a fight with floyd mayweather then he has had more brains knocked out of his head than i thought he had. Any half decent boxing fan should be decrying manny for taking this fight. I thought it was bad that manny took rios as an opponent but rios is better than algieri ( ha ha ha ha ).