Live your dream with DDC Land


You no longer have to settle for less with the Garden Villas in Dasmariñas, Cavite by DDC Land. While the innovative designs, construction and durability matter, it is about your ideal community we have identified to suit your needs as you grow your family. Dare to be different and reach for the sky; after all, with DDC Land projects we aim for no less.

Security begins with electric fences complimented by the gated community DDC Land has already established. The integrity of our finished product design allows you to live that dream, with our building design and innovations using the best of quality materials to establish your goals. The location is the fastest growing vicinity south of Metro Manila, with infrastructure that is no longer a vision but a reality.

It is said youth is wasted on the young whose ideals fade as they cross maturity towards a reality called “joining the establishment.” But donning the coat and ti e and opting for short orderly hair and white dress shirts does not necessarily mean one is simply compliant with the mundane, but is striving for a maturity to promote prudence, stability and security. These representations are not merely for perceptions, but a sign of integrity you can rely on; after all would you deal with a bum, a scammer, a wheeler-dealer or worst of all, a fake?

Consistency and integrity is what DDC Land is all about. The multi awarded DDC Land carries with it integrity in its multiple developments. Led by Martin and Edna Sutter, the power couple trained in strict German Swiss virtues and disciplined with professional engineering education provide the backbone of integrity and expertise that anchor all the company’s projects.

DDC Land has also been awarded by Superbrands, the program that extends to 93 countries worldwide. It has been awarded the coveted “Philippines’ Choice,” “Consumers’ Choice,” “Seal of Product Quality,” and even the “Gold Brand.”



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