Living clutter-free in a two-kid zone



Do you think it’s possible to keep a spotless home with two kids (aged 12 and 7) around? It’s entirely possible, says Dra. Myrla Duque and her husband Dr. Ferdinand Duque.

You may be skeptical and think their residencedoes not usually look as spotless as the photos on this page indicate. Well think again. It actually does. Walk into their home on any given day, and this is what it would look like. Seriously, their home is always elegant, neat and tidy. So much so that it has been featured in various commercials, movies and TV shows.

Most people may have learned to live and breathe with clutter in their home, not this couple. They have set standards for their abode: clutter-free and modern.

“Alammoyung usual bahayngmgalolanatinnanapakaraming kung anoano? Ayaw naming yungganun.Gusto naming malinis at maaliwalastignan.(You know those old houses of our grandparents where there are so many things in nooks and crannies? We didn’t want that. We wanted our house to be spic and span),” Dra. Duque said as I asked why they chose these types of interior. Clearly, they wanted simple accents and clean lines.

Their interior is a mix of modern, minimalist and contemporary designs, which the couple personalized with pops of colorful accessories for a touch of playfulness.

Dra. Duque says she’s responsible for adding the colorful display pieces, a compromise to her husband’s desire for simple earth colors and minimalist decor.

“Noon ayawniyayung may display, gusto niyabare lang. Pinagbigyan niya lang ako(laughs).Bastasabiko simple at kontilangnaman. (At first he didn’t want any displays, but he relented when I said they would be simple and there would be just a few pieces.)”

Texture combinations

Believe it or not, this home was not styled by an interior decorator. Every detail is the handiwork of the couple, with only minor help on color combinations from an interior designer friend.

Each part of the house showcases texture combinations, with unique accents bringing old and new together. Aside from that, there is an illusion of bringing in the outdoorsthrough faux plants, which make the space lively and green. A throne-like seat is situated near the entrance, magnifying the majesty of this home. Upon entering, the wall greets you with a statement withits paved simple 3D pattern. On the left is one of their favorites—a secret passage to the comfort room, blended.


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