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    1. victor hernandez on

      I am not sure if what a columnist have written were true: that the SC has an injuction on the ejection of Manila Seedlings Bank Foundation; that MSBF has a usufract contract with NHA for so many years, and that the contract has still a few years before it expire. If true, that SC has injuction against the Quezon City government to eject and demolish the occupants of MSBF, therefore, what QC government is doing is illegal, and, at the least, can be held in contempt by the SC. If all these are true, than why is SC not doing anything about it? Why is it that the Commission on Human Rights not is quiet about the whole situation? Why is it the the QC government doing this illegal acts? Where is the rule of law, if all these are true? Are these enforcers authorized people of government, or are they palin goons and paid-hacks of real estate companies eager to construct business and commercial project in the area? Where are are congressmen, local government officials who are mandated to enforce the law?

    2. Is thier choice, some of the are professional squaters, sometimes we need to make things in thier proper prospectus, eyes sores na mga shanties sa city!