Liz Uy and what keeps her moving


This is how celebrity stylist Liz Uy keeps up with fashion’s ever changing looks

She’s tinsel town’s newest it-girl. And she’s everywhere—from billboards to glossies to the blogosphere, Liz Uy continues to fascinate with her eye for all things stylish. From being a magazine editor and celebrity stylist, Liz has become a star on her own with a multitude of endorsements under her hat.

During a hectic day with a schedule of a celebrity stylist, Liz needs an efficient smartphone partner and a reliable data connection to keep up with the demands of her fast-paced lifestyle. So besides her fashion and makeup basics, the popular stylist says, “I can’t survive without my BlackBerry Z10 and Globe Telecom.”

With that, come take a peek at Liz Uy’s hectic day.

Describe your day.
On a typical day, as soon as the alarm rings, I check my BlackBerry Z10 to review my to-do list for the day. Then, I get ready, usually I try and keep it pretty structured with some comfort since my day ahead involves meetings, pullouts, and shoots; coordinating with my team and so on, so I like to find outfits that will take me through the day. After work, I make time to work out and stay fit.

What are some of your current favorite things?
Work and swim. Yes, work is my favorite thing to do. It’s addicting. I work all the time using my smartphone. I approve everything through BBM, and I’m constantly checking my e-mail for samples, pullouts, or sites with a huge sale signage! I also use it to take photos of people I’ve styled for my site. The Z10’s got a great camera for my photo addiction and its unique Time Shift feature allows me to find the best shot of my subject by toggling within the photo. I never have to retake a photo again.

How do you stay connected?
I use a Globe PowerSurf for my BlackBerry Z10. I’m always moving so my car has become like a dressing room on wheels. Since I’m always on the go, I need an internet plan that will keep up with me and my lifestyle, and this one works really well for my smartphone, because it gives me the ability to stay online as long as I want.

How do you keep yourself updated?
To keep in the loop with fashion and style trends, I follow a lot of designers on Instagram, go through Twitter feeds, and check style blogs. I also use my smartphone to check BBC TV to be in the know with current events.


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