Liza Soberano surprises fans disguised as beauty advisor


Liza Soberano—the country’s top It-girl and sixth of the World’s Most Beautiful Faces according to website TC Candler—surprised her fans in an exclusive meet-and-greet at a Quezon City Mall disguised as a makeup beauty advisor.

Liza Soberano

During Maybelline’s #MakeItHappenwithLiza event on February 18, Soberano surprised unsuspecting customers who were browsing through the brand’s cosmetic counter while waiting for her to supposedly come out on stage. They squealed with delight when the beauty advisor behind the counter turned out to be their idol. After the initial shock, the fans happily listened to Soberano’s advice and product recommendations for each of them.

“I am still in shock. I got to talk with Liza and she’s so beautiful. I am so lucky,” exclaimed one of the shoppers who had the opportunity to chat with the celebrity.

“I kind of recognized her but I thought it’s impossible it would be her—that she’d the one selling products behind the counter!” giggled another.

When asked to share her equally unique experience at a media interview, Soberano excitedly related, “It was actually really fun. I loved it most when I got to give beauty advice to the customers—it was such an empowering feeling. It truly validates how much Maybelline helps Filipinas to be empowered through beauty.

“To be empowered means to feel confident and comfortable with who you are,” she continued. “Now how do we do that? The first step is to acknowledge your flaws and improve from there; get a little help from a good set of people around you whom you trust; and of course, adding a dash of makeup wouldn’t hurt.”

After giving out her beauty tips, Soberano enjoys photo opportunity with her fans

For someone who had to build her confidence from such a young age when she started as a print ad model, Soberano is both capable and generous in giving advice to fellow females.

“The number one thing in gaining confidence is to be who you are. Don’t change yourself just because society or anybody else asked you to. Don’t let them dictate to you who you are and don’t let anything stop you from being yourself. Just believe in yourself and you’ll have the confidence to make it happen,” she ended.


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