LLDA slaps P200,000 daily fine on Pandacan oil depot operator


The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA)  is set to slap a Pandacan fuel depot operator with a fine of up to P200,000 per day until the firm is able to comply with the existing environmental policies.

Apart from a closure order issued by the Manila City government, LLDA gave out a separate cease and desist order against the operator of the private fuel depot in Pandacan that had spilled bunker fuel oil into the Pasig River.

LLDA General Manager Neric Acosta pointed out that the recent incident should also make the officials of Manila realize the risks posed by the depot to residents if the facility stays in its current site.

Acosta said that LLDA issued the order to make sure that depot operator Larraine’s Marketing would not able to continue it operation until it is able to comply with the existing policies.

Acosta, who is also the Presidential Adviser on Environmental Concerns, said that it is clear that the depot operator violated the law because it doesn’t have a permit to discharge as well as clearance from the LLDA.

“So even if the company was able secure a business permit, it doesn’t have any clearance from LLDA,” Acosta added.

The city government of Manila on Wednesday shut down Larraine’s depot operation following the oil spill incident traced to one of the depot tanks.

Around 1,500 liters of bunker fuel, one of the most widely used but polluting fuel available, spilled into Pasig River.

Acosta added that the agency would also be filling criminal and administrative cases against the operator of the depot for violating Republic Act 9275 or the Clean Water Act.

Acosta said that the recent oil spill incident clearly shows the danger pose by the continuous existence of the oil depot not only to the environment but also to the health and safety of the people residing near the area.

There were several attempts to transfer the Pandacan oil depot, but the local government of Manila particularly Mayor Alfredo Lim had rejected the proposal twice.

Manila mayor-elect Joseph Estrada had already expressed support for the move.


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  1. Nimfa Villamayor on

    The depot fined by LLDA is not located in Pandacan but in Sta. Ana – FYI.