• Lloyd and Bea movies through the years


    From teenybopper roles to married couple on screen, the John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo love team has definitely matured through the years just as the two most prized actors of ABS-CBN have grown in real life.

    As their much-awaited movie A Second Chance opened Wednesday, The Manila Times takes a look back at the love team’s filmography, which not only endeared them to the Filipino audience, but also made accomplished actors out of them.

    Their onscreen pairing began with My First Romance, when Bea was only 15 years old and a newbie in showbiz, compared to John Lloyd who was 20 and quite popular at the time.

    A slew of films then followed in succeeding years namely Now That I Have You (2004), Close to You (2006), and All About Love (2006), all solidifying the pair’s box office draw.

    It was, however, the 2007 hit One More Chance that catapulted the John Lloyd-Bea tandem to fame with their characters Popoy and Basha, respectively, making their mark in the movie industry.

    It took another three years before their screen reunion took place in Miss you Like Crazy in 2010. Another break ensued for their pairing when they were matched with other up and coming ABS-CBN talents both for TV and film.

    But came 2012, when John Lloyd and Bea made a bold return on screen with the Olivia Lamasan-helmed The Mistress. Its story, as the title suggests, was a turning point for the pair, who dealt with very mature roles and a very sensitive topic.

    This year, the celebrated pair—who never became lovers in real life despite their lasting chemistry—is poised anew to make blockbuster history as Popoy and Basha returns to screen as man and wife in A Second Chance.



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    1. Just love the pairs. Great actors. They know how to separate their real lives from their screen lives. They act very naturally. God bless.