LNG virtual pipeline concept unveiled


PhiLNG (Singapore), in cooperation with the Southwest Shipping Group of the Philippines, presented its LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Virtual Pipeline Concept to various government departments last Thursday July 21 at the Holiday Inn Makati. Departments represented were the Department of Energy Philippine Ports Authority, Coast Guard, and Marina, as well as other local interested parties.

The purpose was to introduce and demonstrate to the attendees the safety of transporting LNG throughout the Philippine archipelago.

The founders of PhiLNG, CEO Roger Harkin and COO Captain Roy Watson explained the PhiLNG concept and vision for supplying LNG in gas form to power producers, industry and public entities, throughout the country. LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel, as it is non-polluting, non-explosive in the liquid form and is more cost effective than coal and fuel oils.

Behind PhiLNG is LNGSS, a world leader in transferring liquid fuel and LNG from ship to ship. In 2007 they conducted the first LNG cargo transfer between two large LNG vessels in a sheltered bay in the North of Scotland. Since that operation they have completed in excess of 500 STS operations without any incidents.

LNGSTS not only provide the personnel to carry out such operations, they train local marine pilots, vessel crews, and LNG terminal personnel. LNGSTS advises government departments with regards to environmental and safety requirements, which are accepted as worldwide LNG industry practice.

In the Makati presentation, LNGSTS discussed and demonstrated the safety features that are required to conduct STS of LNG. The transportation of LNG by marine vessels is a very safety conscious business, and has not record a major accident since it started more than 40 years ago.

LNGSTS emphasized the important role of SIGTTO (The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators) who promote shipping and terminal operations for liquid gases, which are safe, environmentally responsible, and reliable. SIGTTO develops best operating practices and guidelines, promotes training and development to all within the industry, and fosters mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. PhiLNG said they would assist all the government agencies by introducing them to SIGTTO when assistance and guidelines are required.

Finally PhiLNG stated that they hoped to proceed with their Virtual LNG Pipeline project in the Philippines in the near future.


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