• Local athletes promote the power of sleep


    How much sleep do you get nowadays?

    The fast-paced lifestyle in urban cities is causing more and more Filipinos to lose much needed sleep. Whether it’s a trade off of your chosen profession, sleep is still important to get you up and going the following day. But the problem also persists in sleep, especially if you experience discomfort because of wrong posture.

    To promote the importance of sleep, global mattress brand Tempur launched its “This Sleep is Power” campaign with International athlete Serena Williams at the forefront. Contrary to what everyone may think that Serena’s strength as a professional tennis player comes from hard training, the athlete herself considers sleep as her secret weapon. For 10 years now, she has been sleeping on Tempur mattresses and has been using Tempur’s Symphony pillows, which she always brings with her wherever her career takes her.

    In the Philippines, local athletes have also joined Tempur’s campaign to promote the importance of sleep. CNN host and former Olympics swimmer Christine Jacob-Sandejas, with her current role as a mother and anchor for her morning news program, is still active in swimming relay legs for triathlons and trains with her husband. Doing all of these is exhausting, both physically and mentally.

    “It was only lately that I’ve learned that the better sleep you get, the more it helps your hormones especially at my age,” she says.

    PBA cager Chris Tiu also realized the importance of sleep especially when his daughter was born over a year ago. With his career as a professional basketball player, an entrepreneur, a television personality and a father, he really felt the difference when he did not get enough sleep.

    “It really affects (me) not just physically when training for my sport but also mentally when going to the office. You can’t think clearly. Sleep really is important to everybody’s lifestyle.”

    The same goes for the men and women of the Philippine Rugby Football Union team. When in season, the members of the Philippine Volcanoes and the Lady Volcanoes endure thrice a day training, but their coaches always make sure they get eight full hours of sleep with naps in between trainings.

    Tennis silver medalist Clarice Patrimonio, who is also an HRM student at the National University, is teaching herself to sleep on time after noticing that lack of sleep slows down her response time on the court and she can’t play very well.

    At the launch of the campaign in Tempur’s newest showroom at Ayala the 30th mall in Pasig City, the brand ambassadors challenged the softness of the mattress themselves by jumping on it while trying to topple a stack of tennis balls.

    With Tempur’s collection of mattresses and pillows designed for home or travel, it is the premium solution for everybody’s sleep deprivation. Focus Global, Inc., the official distributor of Tempur in the Philippines is offering the brand’s recently launched Flagship Collection designed to give four different designs each having its unique properties.

    The Original collection has a firmer feel that allows the body enjoy weightless comfort and support. On the other hand, the Cloud collection offers good support with a softer feel thanks to top layer having Tempur’s Extra Soft Material.

    Then the Sensation Collection allows ease of movement during sleep while providing weightless comfort. Meanwhile, the reinvention of the Tempur mattress that relieves pressure points can be felt in the Hybrid Collection.


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