• Local companies urged to embrace technology


    IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPC), a subsidiary of ePLDT Inc., said Tuesday that companies must embrace technology disruption and innovation as vital to business growth.

    “Business technology has evolved to the point that it is now recognized as a requirement for any company as it provides the capabilities needed to remain relevant and competitive in today’s digital age,” IPC Chief Operating Officer Dave De Leon said.

    IPC cited the latest global survey on outsourcing destinations of Tholons included digital innovation. Five business hubs in the Philippines, including Metro Manila, were demoted on its list.

    “The results only signify how digital transformation is a vital element in business growth, and that it should serve as a wakeup call for organizations that have not yet to embrace a digital mindset,” the company said.

    IPC acknowledges that going digital might seem overwhelming for small and medium businesses, but the “benefits heavily outweigh the risks,” noting a Mckinsey study that showed business-to-business companies utilizing digital technology generate 8 percent more shareholder returns and a revenue compound annual growth rate that is five times greater than their peers.

    According to IPC, it is important for businesses to select the right partner to work with. Access to emerging technologies and global best practices in operational efficiency and change management are paramount in this selection process.

    The partnership model is a viable method that local companies can turn to in order to flourish and even improve their status in the international stage, as evident in the Tholons survey.

    “Working hand in hand with the right partner can help businesses implement a digital transformation strategy at a faster rate and with cost-efficiency. It also gives them a competitive edge by providing the expertise, technology, and practices needed to spur productivity and growth,” said Niño Valmonte, IPC’s director for Marketing & Digital Innovation.


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