Local EV industry needs more battery makers


EV20160726Since almost all the electric vehicles in the Philippines today are pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs), there is now a need for more battery makers, especially lithium-ion battery producers, to supply the growing demand for batteries. This was disclosed by Rommel Juan, president of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP), as he cited the need to support the growing EV industry in the country.

“For deep cycle lead acid batteries, we already have our world-class Motolite batteries which are proudly Philippine-made. Trojan batteries from the USA are also very much active in the Philippines already. But for lithium-ion batteries which are now increasingly gaining popularity among local electric vehicle players, there is still no major supplier, much more manufacturer, who has come in. We badly need a major lithium ion battery provider to set up shop and even do local assembly in the Philippines,” he said.

Juan disclosed that EVAP members are open for partnerships to cut the learning curve in entering the Philippine EV market. “We are actively pushing for the adoption of electric vehicles for public transport vehicles application such as EVs to replace the smoke-belching jeepneys and the tricycles. We are also the primary group actively pushing for the passing of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle bill into law to provide us with both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives,” he added.

He said that with more battery options like the superior lithium-ion batteries in the country, the EV industry will be stronger and more viable. “These batteries are the cornerstone of one of the most important EV infrastructure, the battery charging and swapping stations. We need these to make EV fleet operations more viable,” Juan said.


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