Local govt secretary should quit – Revilla


INTERIOR Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas, should do the country a favor and resign because he only brings disaster every time he opens his mouth, Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., said on Tuesday.

Revilla said there is no reason for Roxas to hold any position in the government because the entire country witnessed all his failures and until now he continues to wreak havoc as Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) head.

“He was proven to be ineffective in crisis management and disaster response in Yolanda.  Kaya nga hindi na siya masikmura ng mga tao doon [that is why people there cannot put up with him anymore],” Revilla stressed.

Revilla said that the worst part is that Roxas is now using the Priority Development Assistance Fund controversy as means to divert the people’s attention from his failures during his time as the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and as the current head of the DILG.

Revilla was referring to Roxas’ recent statements against him that the senators should stop behaving as if he was playing a role in a movie and start telling the truth.

Roxas was even quoted as saying that he feels sorry for Revilla, who is a former colleague in Senate, because the senator has resorted to inventing scenarios just to cover up the truth on the senators’ involvement on the pork barrel fund controversy.

“I don’t need his pity.  If at all, I’m the one who feel sorry for Roxas,” the senator said in an interview with reporters.

Revilla disclosed that he received information from a very reliable source saying that Roxas was the one who convinced former Technology Resource Center director Dennis Cunanan, to testify.

Cunanan, is among those charged with graft and corruption-related cases by the National Bureau of Investigation last year in connection with his involvement in the pork barrel fund scam that also implicated some senators and congressmen.

Revilla expressed belief that the effort of Roxas to get Cunanan to testify against him is part of the DILG secretary’s attempt to get back at him for revealing the attempt of President Benigno Aquino 3rd to influence him into voting to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

The senator said that instead of attacking him, Roxas should just focus on his job as head of the DILG because there are more serious problems he needs to attend particularly the worsening peace and order situation in the country.

Roxas’ performance as DILG secretary is no different from the time when he was the DOTC secretary wherein he successfully brought problems to the already problematic agency.

“The problems involving vehicle registration, issuance of license plates, issuance of drivers’ licenses, the proliferation of colorum vehicles, the increase in deaths by public transport, the poor state of our airports and seaports, the controversies and irregularities in the LRT and MRT, and the poor state of the country’s transportation and communications, are all results of his ineptitude while in the DOTC,” Revilla said referring to Roxas.


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  1. Without delving whether he is guilty in the PDAF scam, Revilla has some points in his accusation on Roxas’ ineptitude. Roxas is a member of the NPA’s in the government. The problem with his performance in his appointed positions is his penchant and moist eyes towards sitting as president at malakanyang!

    That is why at every opportunity, he has been talking and always at the forefront of any newsworthy undertaking even acting as spokesperson of other agencies! If only he just performed his job, the people would have seen whether he can be trusted to lead the country some time in the future.

    What happened is that because he has no real grasp of his job and cannot really relate to the ordinary people’s plight, he has succeeded in his self destruction . .

    Perhaps, he should do all he can to combat criminality and the undisciplined PNPA members be reigned in so it can perform their job to protect the country and its people! Only then can he aspire for the presidency!

  2. These is a dirty mudslinging in politics, face the reality not movie. Revilla if not true. Then he must prove it. But if his running then more or less, he looks guilty by perspective.