Local kiddie shows reach young Filipinos abroad


According to the article “10 Facts About Early Child Development as a Social Determinant of Health” by the World Health Organization, “the brain develops more rapidly in the first few years of a child’s life (gestation to 8 years of age). High quality early childhood care and education programs can improve children’s chances for success later in life.”

The article adds that investing in early interventions timed to take advantage of crucial phases of brain development is necessary for all children.

A lot of fun and adventure await the kids in educational TV show Oyayi

This in mind, and based on further research and actual feedback, The Filipino Channel (TFC) developed “Chikiting Bonding” to inspire learning and satisfy the young audience’s quest for knowledge.

Aiming to arm kids with new knowledge and aid them in exploring and honing their skills at this early age in a fun way, Chikiting Bonding will also feature information and images that are easy to share with friends. This way, the learning also becomes more inclusive.

The Chikiting Bonding block also aims to introduce young migrant Filipinos to their roots and create an appreciation of the Philippine culture.

“The programs under TFC’s Chikiting Bonding block will help the young Filipino migrants find that connection to their Filipino roots which will aid them in better understanding not only their parents of Filipino descent but also of themselves as they get exposed to various cultures and negotiate their identities so to speak, while at school,” ABS-CBN Global Content Head Ned Legaspi explained.

An original ABS-CBN TV Plus (ABS-CBN’s digital platform in the Philippines) production “Team YeY!” kids will get to enjoy learning in a fun way while also discovering the Filipino culture through the different themes of the show every day.. Promising child stars Luke Alford, Raven Cajuguiran, Mitch Naco, Sam Shoaf, AJ Urquia, and Hannah Vito will lead in the dancing, singing, and creating of art and craftwork in the themed show.

Since it premiered locally in 2016, Team YeY! had already won numerous awards. It was hailed Most Development-Oriented Children’s Program, while its hosts were named Best Children’s Program Hosts at the 11th UP Los Baños Gawad Gandingan awards. It was also named Best TV Children’s Program at the 25th Golden Dove awards.

Meanwhile, Kuya Maki (Icko Gonzalez), Tama Raw, Bon Haribon, Diva Butanding, Tarsiera, Dok Pil will accompany viewers in “Oyayi,” which introduces viewers to the Filipino culture that includes traditional games, practices, and values.

The show’s theme is based from the children’s book written by Fernando Rosal Gonzalez, which won as the Coolest Television Proposal in the nationwide search initiated by the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) in 2012. This year, Oyayi was hailed Best Children’s Program at the 15th Gawad Tanglaw awards.

Several shows, which are currently airing in the Philippines, are also part of the Chikiting Bonding block: “Matanglawin,” “Wansapanataym” and “Superbook Reimagined.”

With that, Chikiting Bonding will perk up children’s mornings,with new knowledge and new-found skills they could share with their friends.


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