• Local pop sails through another voyage


    A show that takes music stars on board a cruise ship to chat and perform live, combining the joy of travel with a relaxed vibe of a night out, returns for a new season on E! Philippines.

    Garnering a sizeable viewership across key demographics, “Soundtrip” is a show that celebrates music by shining the spotlight on the artists behind today’s most popular songs.

    Christian Bautista

    Sailing on smooth waters for three seasons with rock superstar Rico Blanco, it’s now lifestyle connoisseur Stefano de Medici’s turn to conduct steerage, but this time, with an exciting new co-host in Asia’s romantic balladeer, Christian Bautista.

    “We’re so happy to be returning for a new season,” shared de Medici.

    “We had so much fun with Rico on the show, but I’m equally excited to be working with another amazing Pinoy talent in Christian Bautista”.

    “Rico is a music hero who knows the industry really well and has the backstory on almost every artist out there,” said Marnie Manicad, the show’s director.

    “He is also gifted with a sly sense of humor that made our conversations engaging. Christian, on the other hand, brings a different vibe to the show. He’s articulate, full of energy, curious, funny, and it should be interesting to watch the dynamics play out between him, Stefano and our guests during the interviews.”

    Christian Bautista is no stranger to the Soundtrip set as he was among the first to drop anchor on the show’s first season, alongside A-list musicians Aiza Seguerra, Sam Concepcion, The Company, Karylle and Barbie Almalbis.

    “I had so much fun doing the show, I begged them to let me stay,” jested Christian, who doesn’t feel ill at ease filling the formidable shoes of Rico Blanco.

    “The chance to sit down with my fellow artists, ask them questions, and get to know them on a different level was just too good for me to pass up,” the singer finally noted.

    Soundtrip airs every Monday at 10 p.m. on E! Philippines.


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