• ‘Locks’ of freshness

    The hair mist conditions both wet and dry hair

    The hair mist conditions both wet and dry hair

    Let your hair down and have endless fun this summer without letting smoke or sweat get in your way with Human Nature’s 100-percent Natural Conditioning Hair Mist.

    “We believe that every Filipina must be ready for anything. We formulated our Natural Conditioning Hair Mist to give every woman a handy secret weapon against unpleasant odor that sticks to hair so she can have fun and stay fresh all year long,” Katrina Oliveros, Human Nature Category Associate for New Product Development said.

    Human Nature’s first hair mist is made with hydrolyzed jojoba to condition wet or dry hair without making it limp and lifeless. It is also free from chemicals commonly found in hair care products like silicone, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oils that are harmful to you and the environment.

    “Since the hair mist is chemical-free, it’s perfect for all hair types, even chemically treated hair. Its water-based formulation makes it light weight. You can use it as frequent as you wish without making your hair limp,” Oliveros added.

    Summer heat also leads to dry hair, making it prone to breakage. To address this, the product helps with hair’s elasticity and protects hair from heat. It also comes in a tropical bloom scent to neutralize and fight unwanted odor that sticks to the hair strands.


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