Logitech unveils MeetUp conference camera


VIDEO collaboration group Logitech introduced on Thursday its newest 120-degree Logitech MeetUp conference camera, said to have the widest field of view in the webcam market.

According to Bryan Lee, video collaboration sales manager for Southeast Asia, Logitech’s newest technology removes the “key huddle room challenges” such as narrow field of view and poor audio that may result in miscommunication.

The company launched the technology in Southeast Asia via a video collaboration using the Logitech MeetUp device, to prove its claim that the technology can collaborate locations without compromising important conversations in a conference.

Media representatives from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines witnessed the presentation.

“We have different countries joining now via a video conference. And we’re pretty much setting the trend here,” Moninder Jain, managing director for Asean and India, said at the media launch on Thursday in Taguig.

“Every room should be video collab-capable because it’s more than an email, you can see each other, communicate with each other face to face. This is a practical way to do a conference, because there’s no more need to travel to different countries. If I were to do this physically, I will have to spend hundreds of dollars to meet you in your respective countries,” he said.

Logitech MeetUp has a super-wide 120-degree field of view which allows everyone in the room to be seen, supports Ultra HD 4K image sensor to provide good quality, includes three microphones and a custom-tuned speaker, and has razor-sharp optics that enhances face-to-face collaboration.

The technology has a remote control to operate camera pan/tilt/zoom functions during meetings. It also connects easily to PC, Mac and Chrome devices, with no additional software required through USB connectivity.
It was launched worldwide last month but will be available in Southeast Asia in late July 2017.


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