Long live books!


After having its stint at the heart of the bustling Makati Central Business District, Book Stop Project, a pop-up library project that aims to change the way people perceive libraries by placing itself in open spaces, has transferred to the old-city of Intramuros.

Situated right in front of the historical Manila Cathedral, the pop-up library is open for everyone who wishes to borrow a book, lend a book, and exchange his or her books. It is also a good avenue for people from all walks of life, young or old, to meet and start discourse over books they love or wish to read.

As National Commission for Culture and the Arts Chairman Felipe De Leon, once told The Sunday Times Magazine, “Read all kinds of books because that’s the only way to expand one’s mind. And once the mind has expanded, it will never shrink back to its former size.

Besides, you have to know where you are in this world. Because most people do not, and when you found out, you’ll see how unique you are. You appreciate yourself as well as the world.”


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