Long queue in Ormoc to beat deadline


    There is a long queue of people beating the deadline for registration at the Ormoc City Commission of Elections, said City Comelec officer Ramon Dadulla Jr.

    The common excuse of the late registrants is that they are so busy with their daily work. A lady who works as a cashier of a big grocery said she found time to line up because she finally had a day off from her chores while another was to busy to attend to her farm.

    Dadulla said the local Comelec office can process up to 750 registrants a day because it has three Voters Registration Machine (VRM) and each machine can accommodate 250 registrants per machine.

    He added that as the deadline is nearing they are still expecting at least 3000-5000 more clients on Saturday.

    On the last day, Dadulla said their office will be open until 8 p.m. as they are implementing a 12-hour work per day mandate. However, the local Comelec office is very small that it can only accommodate 15 clients at a time.

    Considering the influx of registrants, he said that unless there is a new mandate coming from the national office for an extension they will abide by this.

    The line outside the local Comelec office this morning was so long that it reaches up to a nearby grocery. Voters started to fall in line as early as 6 in the morning to get the priority number.


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