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AS expected, Malacañang as well as administration allies on Monday scoffed at Vice President Jejomar Binay’s version of the state of the nation.

Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Binay was part of the government he is now criticizing.

“Limang taon kang pumapalakpak noon sa mga sinasabi mong palpak ngayon [For five years, you applauded things that you’re now describing as ineffective],” he told reporters who sought Malacanang’s reaction to Binay’s speech in Cavite.

Despite being in the opposition, Binay was named as President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s adviser on OFW (overseas Filipino worker) concerns and chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council. He resigned in June.

Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd–who is expected to go head to head with Binay in next year’s elections–criticized the Vice President for politicizing the killing of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) policemen in the infamous Mamasapano incident.

“He politicized the heroism of the SAF 44,” Roxas said. “Hindi ito tama [This is not right].”

Binay in his speech took the President to task for not mentioning the gallantry of the slain police commandos who were killed in a law enforcement mission against an international terror suspect in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, in January this year.

A mural honoring the so-called SAF 44 served as Binay’s backdrop as he delivered his speech.

He ended his speech by calling on the names of each of the 44 police commandos.

Earlier, Roxas dismissively replied: “E di, wow [What else, but wow]!” when reporters asked him to comment on Binay’s version of the State of the Nation Address (SONA). The President also used street lingo in his SONA last July 27.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, meanwhile, said Binay’s so-called True State of the Nation Address (Tsona) is nothing more than an attempt to cover up his own corruption issues, which the Vice President himself, the senator added, could not answer.

Cayetano said there is nothing new with the issues raised by Binay in his speech because these issues had been reported extensively by the media.

“All he [Binay] did was to repeat what the media already reported so that is not Tsona but a replay,” he added.

Cayetano clarified that he was not defending those being accused of corruption by the Vice President but at least they have the courage to answer allegations against them.

“The bottomline, I think, is the Vice President needs to look at the mirror and the question he should answer is if he is against corruption,” he said.

Cayetano, however, added that he agrees with the Vice President raising the need to address problems hounding Metro Rail Transit 3 and Light Rail Transit 1 and LRT 2.
He cited the Senate having done its part by investigating the problems and coming up with recommendations.

Congressmen also sneered at Binay’s speech.

“Now that is has been clear that he is not the anointed one, he has no choice but to take potshots. He has been quiet for the last four to five years…has been a part of the good things that happened. Maybe that’s why his ratings were also high at the time,” House Deputy Majority Floor Leader Jose Christopher Belmonte of Quezon City said.

House Deputy Minority Leader Carol Lopez of You Against Corruption party-list was not impressed with Binay’s tirades.

“He has been a part of the administration while all those things were happening? Did he do something?” Lopez asked.

House Deputy Majority Leader Bolet Banal, also of Quezon City, expressed confidence that the people would know who is telling the truth between the President and the Vice President.

“That is the Vice President’s opinion, so let us let him be. Let our people be the judge,” Banal said.

Rep. Edgar Erice of Caloocan City (Metro Manila), a staunch Binay critic and an author of the anti-dynasty bill, slammed Binay for having the gall to criticize after benefiting from Aquino’s political capital.

“He is just trying to reinjure an old wound that is already healing in the first place,” Erice said.


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  1. …most of the time the reason hurled against vp binay is his silence for 5 years to speak out against bs aquino. it would have been worst for him if he remained for another year cuddling the hypocracies of this present administration. as a matter of fact it was a sacrificed on his part to intimate friend for the sake of the pilipino people. binay had been true to bs aquino for 5 agonzing years but enough is enough when the welfare of the is at stake.

  2. BS Aquino and his party just don’t want to hear the Real Truth of the State of the Nation.
    So what if Binay Speaks out. It’s about time he expose everything inside the cabinet that he was prevy to. He already resigned and taken himself out of the Strangle hold of BSAquino cabinet.

    Too many lies and cover ups BSAquino and his party should be accountable for , together with Mar Roxas and his MRT mess with their PDAF and DAP of all Senators and Congressman involved.
    All government officials involved must be investigated and tried for this crimes . After all , you are answerable to the people of this republic.

  3. Vic Penetrante on

    Binay must register himself as a ‘whistleblower’, having been part of the administration.

  4. Rolando Nolasco on

    Ang kapal ng mukha manuligsa sa administrasyon na kabahagi ka. May tungkulin ka sa bayan na na tulungan ang gobyerno hindi lamang dahil ikaw ay pangalawang pangulo at binigyan ng tiwala sa dalawaa pang ahensya ng gobyerno. Pero kaparis ng gawa mong mangulimbat ng kaban ngMakai, ginamit mo ang iyong posisyon ng mangulimbat para sa iyong pansariling kapakanan. gayon magmamalinis kang matuwid. Kaparis ng iyong panlabas na kulay budhi mo maitim rin. Kung sadyang tapat ka at malinis, ipaliwanag mo sa bayan kasama ng iyong buong pamilya kung saan galling ang mga yaman mo. Bakit pamilya mo lang ba ang may kakayahang maglingkod sa bayan o ayaw mong ibahagi ang kapangyarihan. Sadyang ganid ka kasama ng iyong asawa at mga anak.

  5. Mayroon tayong kasabihan – ang magnanakaw ay GALIT SA KAPUA MAGNANAKAW! Mr. Binay thinks that Sec. Butch Abad masterminded the money scam, and Jojo is angry that Abad under DAP gave congressmen and senators the chance to steal the people’s money like he is accused of doing! Mr.Lacierda is right – you can not be part of a government that you said was doing good for 5 years only to retract all that and convert it into a personal propaganda now that you are on the other side and seeking the highest office of the land. Foul yan; sagoti mo na lang ng matino yung mga sangkaterbang caso mo and your family. God Bless you!