• Looking for a grave? Search online


    VISITORS having trouble finding the tombs of their dear departed can now get help online.

    Manila’s North and South cemeteries have put up separate websites with a “grave locator” wherein users can tap an online database to locate tombs.

    The official websites of the Manila North and South cemeteries, www.manilanorthcemetery.com.ph and www.manilasouthcemetery.com.ph, will also have live streaming.

    In the search box, users need to type the name of the deceased to get the exact location of the grave.

    “This will address the perennial problem of cemetery-goers who have forgotten or lost the location of the tombs they are visiting every year,” said Daniel Tan, director of the Manila North and South cemeteries, which is run by Manila City Hall.

    The websites also have maps of both public cemeteries, with street names and plot numbers of the graves.

    For additional security, authorities have installed 32 closed-circuit television cameras at the North Cemetery and 16 at the South Cemetery.

    Live streaming from the cemeteries started on October 29 and ends on November 2. The websites stream video of the main gates of the two cemeteries.

    Two million people are expected to flock to the North Cemetery, and 500,000 at the South Cemetery today and on All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

    “To maintain peace and order, about 900 policemen will guard the North and South cemeteries, backed up by civilian security and barangay (village) personnel. They will be at the sites until November 2,” Tan said.


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