• Looking through the Philippine Hawk Owl


    Birds-Eye-View-1Our surprised-looking friend is one of the seven subspecies of hawk-owls that can only be found in the Philippines. Our friend was tagged, measured and released right after by Haribon biologists during a biological survey in the Central Panay Mountain Range, Panay Island as part of a project to protect their remaining forests and wildlife.

    Owls are nighttime predators whose feathers are designed to muffle the sound of them swooping down on their unsuspecting prey. They’re practically ninjas to rodents that become food before they even know what got them.

    The Philippine Hawk Owl (Ninox philippensis) is just one of the 600 species of birds we have that contribute towards a healthy ecosystem. Let’s not let them disappear by protecting their habitat.

    We need your help to reach and protect more sites, species and communities.

    To find out how you can contribute to our programs (and see Hawk-Owls) visit our website at www.haribon.org.ph/index.php/working-with-people/membership.


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