• Lookout bulletin issued vs Mighty Corp. owners


    The Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued an immigration lookout bulletin order against the owners of Mighty Corp. amid accusations of bribery, tax evasion and smuggling.

    Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd ordered the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to check the movements of Alexander Wong Chu King and Caesar Dy Wong Chu King.

    In a memorandum dated March 7, the DOJ chief mandated the BI to inform him or Prosecutor General Victor Sepulvida if the Wong Chu King brothers leave the country.

    However, the camp of Wong Chu King immediately gave assurances that they have no plans of leaving the country.

    In a telephone interview, Sigfried Fortun, legal counsel of Wong Chu King, said his clients are ready to face any complaint that will be filed against them.

    “My clients do not intend to leave the country. They are ready to face any possible complaints. But as of now, there is no complaint filed against them. (The LBO) This is part of the entire process,” Fortun said.

    An LBO is different from a court-issued hold departure order (HDO) because persons covered by an LBO are not restricted from leaving the Philippines. However, they have to ask permission from the DOJ secretary before he can be allowed to leave the country.

    P3 billion

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he is willing to settle the tax evasion case against Mighty Corp. if it will pay the government double its tax liabilities.

    Speaking to reporters in Davao del Sur, the President said company should pay P3 billion for the rehabilitation of hospitals in the country.

    “I will forget about the printing of 1.5 billion worth of fake stamps. I will agree to this: Pay double, I’ll forget about it. Anyway, I assure him that if someone in power pursues the case, I can always pardon him,” Duterte said, referring to Mighty Corporation president Alex Wong Chu King.

    “Here’s the deal. He offered 1.5 (billion), which is definitely unacceptable to me. There was deceit. So, he needs to give double. He should offer three billion,” he added.

    The President said Wong Chu King should give the money to the secretary of health.

    “He should give one billion for Basilan. He should give it directly to the Secretary of Health, not to me, because I want to fix the hospital there. One billion for Jolo because I also want to fix the hospital there. Then in Manila, one billion for Mary Johnston Hospital in Tondo. Three billion and we’re settled. Tell him,” he said.
    The Chief Executive explained that tax cases can be settled under the law.

    “This is my proposal to him. His lawyers said tax evasion. I said falsification. But if it was part of the tax evasion case, I will agree,” Duterte said.

    “Tax cases can be settled. When you failed to pay your taxes, intentionally or unintentionally, you can settle it. The law allows settlements, compromise,” he added.



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